HBA/BEd History I/S
Thunder Bay, ON

"I chose Lakehead for several reasons. Firstly, it offered the Concurrent Education program which allowed me to take education courses throughout my undergraduate career. Secondly, the university atmosphere really appealed to me. The faculty and staff were friendly and approachable and went above and beyond in answering all of my tough questions. Thirdly, since I am an outdoors person I wanted to attend a university that possessed a nice contrast between urban and nature.

Lakehead is the right university for me because it allows me the opportunity to pursue my academic studies while also building my interpersonal and leadership skills. In my academic life I am surrounded with talented colleagues and professors who allow me the chance to pursue areas of study that stimulate me, while also pushing me to a higher intellectual level. Also, when I am not studying I have had the pleasure of working with many of the departments in the university and building vital teamwork skills that will help me long after I graduate.

My program is challenging, but in a positive way. I am given the opportunity to focus on my own research interests, while also learning the essential building blocks of my discipline. As well, my program allows me the ability to pursue interdisciplinary work, which is very academically stimulating. I encourage new students to focus on their academic studies, but also balance their time and volunteer around the university. I have had so many wonderful experiences and met fantastic people because I chose to widen out.

Outside of class I enjoy exercising, mountain biking, outdoor activities and especially all sorts of sports. I am a student ambassador, which means I play a vital role in helping new students transition into university life. Our main focus is the Orientation sessions in the Fall, Winter and Summer; however, we also volunteer throughout the school year during university events. I also volunteer to help university departments during my spare time. Finally, I am a Lakehead Buddy, which means I aid international students in their transition to Lakehead. I also volunteer for several charitable organizations in Thunder Bay, and am very active in my religion and volunteer in drives to benefit the community."