HBSc Geology
Thunder Bay, ON

"Lakehead University is the right university for me because it is a world class institution right in my hometown. It has a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. You are not just another number, at Lakehead your profs know who you are. Here you get both a practical and theoretical look at the topics, and the fact that the program is fairly small you really get to know your peers and profs both in a professional and non-professional environment. Geology is not just about mineral extraction, with geology you can do almost anything, and Lakehead's geology program will open the world for you.

Outside of class, I like hiking and biking the various trails throughout the city, and in the winter I like to go cross country skiing. The Lakehead Thunder Bay campus is pretty cool since we have a river and a lake that cuts through the campus, with trails and forest right in the middle of the city."