HBA History/Concurrent Education
Kingston, ON

"Lakehead University is very unique in the sense that students are known by name and can have very personable relationships with their professors. The people in Thunder Bay are very friendly, and the atmosphere at Lakehead is always enjoyable. The history program at Lakehead has really great professors. They are more than willing to help out and are very encouraging. I also like the variety of classes that are available in history. It's important to get to know your professors and create good relationships with them early. Get to know your classmates; it's amazing the type of friendships that come out of sitting beside the same person in one of your classes.

I always study at the library; it's the best place for a quiet environment with no distractions. The Outpost and The Study are great hangout spots! Outside of class, I enjoy reading, taking Yoga classes at the hanger, going snowboarding on Lakehead's "Snowboard Bus," dancing, and going to the Outpost with my friends. Lakehead hockey games are also a good source of entertainment."