Campus Hotspots

From great spots to eat on campus or grab a cup of coffee to places to study and get your printing done for you assignments, Lakehead offers you all sorts of hotspots you will want to take advantage of.

Places to Eat:

Thunder Bay Campus & Orillia Campus*:
Starbucks, Agora Bistro, Dan’s Dinner, Residence Cafeteria, Main Cafeteria*, Subway, The Study and The Outpost

Both the City of Thunder Bay and Orillia have great local spots to pick up a snack or have dinner with some friends. Grocery stores, deli’s and corner stores are also nearby for you to stock your shelves.

Places to Study:

The Learning Commons is one of the best places to study on your own or meet up with your classmates to work on your assignments.

The Thunder Bay campus has study rooms in the Library as quiet spaces – check out the 5th floor for a magnificent view of the city at the same time. At the Orillia campus, study rooms and carousels are also available within the Learning Commons space, plus computer labs and peaceful spots outside if you want to get some fresh air.

There is no better place than Lakehead to find a quiet, picturesque spot outside and take in the fresh air while you catch up on your readings, or reflect on your last class lecture.

Places to Hang Out:

In Thunder Bay, there is no better spot to just hang out with some classmates than Lake Tamblyn all 4 seasons of the year. During the fall, watch the leaves change colour while roasting some marshmallows lakeside. Or make plans to have a pond hockey game during the winter months. This is a must go to spot!

The rock garden outside of the Student Centre and Braun Building is another great spot.

Or prepare to dance the night away at the Outpost during evenings - live bands, concerts, and different entertainment acts are always on the line up. 

In Orillia, the Learning Commons is the go to place. Another favourite spot is outside of the Cafeteria where you can catch some sun-rays while lounging on the chairs lining the outside. 

Places to Pick Up Books & Supplies:

Our Bookstores are the perfect place for you to pick up your textbooks for the year as well as all the supplies you will need for your start at Lakehead. While you are there, try out the Lakehead gear – every new student enjoys their Lakehead hoodie!

The Thunder Bay Campus also features a Campus Tech Store where you can get your computer, software and supplies. It is also the place you can go if you need your computer fixed.