First Year at a Glance

As a first year Forestry student you will share the same curriculum as the Environmental Management students. This is in order to gain a broad understanding of Natural Resource Management topics and issues before specializing after your second year. Required first year courses include:

  • Natural Resources Management 0190
  • Natural Resources Management 1094
  • Natural Resources Management 1010, 1110, and 1130
  • Biology 1110 – Animal Biology 
  • Biology 1130 – Plant Biology
  • Chemistry 1050 – Foundations of Chemistry I OR Chemistry 1110 – Introductory Chemistry
  • Economics 2014 – Basic Economics Theory
  • Geography 1140 
  • Geology 1131 – Crust of the Earth with Laboratory

Additionally, you will be required to complete the non-academic First Aid Certificate to prepare you for fieldwork courses in your upper years of study.