Native Teacher Education Program

Teaching is arguably one of the most important professions to human growth and development. As an educator, you will have the tools to equip others with valuable knowledge and skills and ultimately, help to shape the future of your students.

Through the Native Teacher Education Program, you will have the chance to pursue this cherished and worthwhile career in an academically, socially, and culturally balanced environment.

The Native Teacher Education Program was created to increase the number of qualified Native teachers through innovative programming delivered on and off campus. We strongly believe that teachers who have an intimate understanding of Native traditions, heritage, psychology, way of life, and language are best able to create a learning environment suited to the habits and interests of the Native child. 

As such, your education will familiarize you with the social and cultural customs and values of Native communities so you can effectively meet the needs of your future students.

As a student, you will attend core program courses that reflect diverse Aboriginal culture, leadership, and identity and have regular access to academic advising, referral, and tutoring. As well, your staff and faculty will prove devoted and encouraging as they strive to support your academic success.