Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for overseeing more than 30 graduate programs at the masters and doctoral levels. It functions like a big umbrella, spreading over the areas that affect your registration, your financial support, your thesis processing, and many others. We want your experience at Lakehead to be positive and rewarding.

The Fall 2019 application is now closed to International Applicants for the following programs:

  • MSc Civil Engineering - closed February 4th
  • MSc Computer Science - closed February 11th
  • MSc Electrical & Computer Engineering - closed February 4th
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering - closed February 4th
  • Master of Public Health - closed February 4th
  • Master of Social Work - closed February 4th

If you submit an application after the date the program was closed your application will be refused and your application fee will not be refunded.

Domestic Applicants: If you wish to apply to one of the above programs, please contact Susan White in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at

Click Here To Apply To Graduate Studies

The cover of the 2018 Graduate Studies viewbook. This illustrates it is available for download.