Lakehead University History Society

LUHS LogoThe Lakehead University History Society (LUHS) is a student club run by history majors and minors for all students who have an interest in history. The LUHS acts as a resource for those who want to meet other like-minded students and for those who want information from an upper year student about the history programs and courses offered at Lakehead.
The ultimate goal of the LUHS is to ensure all students can see and benefit from the knowledge of other historians and also see the options out there for historians. The LUHS organizes events each semester to ensure that students in the history program are aware of the options they have after their undergraduate and graduate programs. The Society also offers current and former students a chance to expand their historical background by meeting with professors and other professionals to see what research they are currently undertaking.
2018-19 Representatives 
President: Christine Green
Vice President: 
4th Year Rep:
3rd Year Rep:
2nd Year Rep:
1st Year Rep:
Orillia Rep:
Graduate Rep:
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Past Representatives:

Presidents: Jayne Alexander (2017-18); Jordan Tait (2016-17); Brett Starrs (2015-16); Ashley English and Catelyn Kittmer (2014-15); Gordon Carruthers and Kyle Duckworth (2013-14)
Vice President: Sabrina Nordlund (2017-18); Christine Green (2015-16); Joel Kennedy (2015-16); Laurin Haak (2014-15)
Secretary: Morgan Black (2015-16 and 2014-15)
Treasurer: Joel Kennedy (2014-15)

4th Year Rep: Christina Clutchey (2015-16); Jillian Berry (2014-15)
3rd Year Rep: Christine Green (2017-18); Jordan Tait (2015-16); Brett Starrs (2014-15)
2nd Year Rep: Jordan Tait (2014-15)
1st Year Reps: Haileigh Riddell (2017-18); Christine Green (2015-16)

Concurrent Education (professional year): Catelyn Kittmer (2015-16)
Orillia Campus: 
Graduate Students: Brett Starrs (2016-17); Michael Lucifora (2015-16)