Senate Meeting

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 4:00pm
Thunder Bay: Senate Chambers, UC 1001/Orillia: OA 2005

 REVISED December 2, 2019



December 2, 2019


Thunder Bay Location: SENATE CHAMBERS

Orillia Location: OA 2005




Remote participants can connect by clicking the link below and following the instructions to install and run the Zoom Client.   Please remember to mute yourself when possible. 



Approval of Agenda


Approval of the November 4, 2019 Minutes


Teaching Innovation Awards (Dr. David Barnett)


Calendar Changes for Referral


Senators may view details of the proposed calendar changes on the Curriculum Navigator website. A link to the website along with login information and instructions has been emailed to all Senators.






Proposed Undergraduate Calendar Changes for Referral (Dr. Joan Chambers)


MOVED that the following undergraduate Academic Calendar changes be referred to the appropriate committees:


Faculty of Business Administration

  • 2019-BUS-7121 – Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems Major)
  • 2019-BUS-7143 – Program Modifications-UG-Business Orillia-Calendar Cleanup-course requirements


Faculty of Health and Behavoural Sciences

  • 2018-HBS-6873 - Program_MajorModification_GR_SocialWork_Orillia
  • 2019-HBS-7073 - Program-Modification-UG-SocialWork
  • 2019-HBS-7074 - Course-Modification-UG-SocialWork
  • 2019-HBS-7075 - Course-Modification-UG-SocialWork
  • 2019-HBS-7103 - Adding Bachelor of Kinesiology


Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

  • 2019-SCI-7062 – Program Update – ECON
  • 2019-SCI-7066 – GEOG Program Updates
  • 2019-SCI-7110 – Addition of a laboratory component to ENSU 3073
  • 2019-SCI-7111 – Online version of ENSU 3073
  • 2019-SCI-7112 – Updating an Elective course code


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 2019-SOC-6949 – New course-UG-Women’s Studies
  • 2019-SOC-7010 – Course changes in HBOR transfer program
  • 2019-SOC-7067 – Discontinuation of Outdoor Recreation 4920
  • 2019-SOC-7068 – New course Outdoor Recreation
  • 2019-SOC-7079 – Course Modification-UG-Languages-Change to French 2101
  • 2019-SOC-7082 – Program Modifications-UG-Outdoor Recreation
  • 2019-SOC-7083 - Program Modifications-UG-Outdoor Recreation w/Fac of Science
  • 2019-SOC-7084 – Program Modifications-UG-Outdoor Recreation w/ Fac of Education
  • 2019-SOC-7100 – Change to BOR4 program.
  • 2019-SOC-7117 – New Music Appreciation course
  • 2019-SOC-7119 – Specify the title to reflect what is being taught


Proposed Undergraduate Admission and Regulation Changes for Referral (Dr. Richard Maundrell)


MOVED that the following admission and regulation changes be referred to the appropriate committees:


Faculty of Business Administration

  • 2019-BUS-7146-B – Admission requirements for Honours Bachelor of Commerce 3 year College Transfer Program – Orillia campus


Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

  • 2019-HBS-7072 - Regulation-Modification-UG-SocialWork
  • 2019-HBS-7077 - AdmissionRequirement-Modification-UG-SocialWork


Proposed Graduate Calendar Changes for Referral (Dr. Chander Shahi)


MOVED that the following graduate Academic Calendar changes be referred to the appropriate committees:


Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

  • 2019-SCI-7059 – ECON Grad Course Updates


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 2019-SOC-7107 – New Course-GR-Women’s Studies


Proposed Graduate Regulation Change for Referral (Dr. Richard Maundrell)


MOVED that the following regulation change be referred to the appropriate committees:


Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 2019-SOC-7108 – MA History Program Regulations


Reports of Senate Standing Committees



Senate Academic Committee Report (Dr. Richard Maundrell)




MOVED that the following policies be rescinded:



MOVED that the proposed amendments to the “Student Code of Conduct – Academic Integrity” be approved.



Senate Honorary Degrees Committee Report (Dr. Charles Levkoe)




MOVED that the proposed amendments to the Senate Honorary Degrees Committee Terms of Reference be referred to the Senate Organization Committee.



Senate Organization Committee Report (Dr. Craig MacKinnon)




Whereas the Policy Governance Framework approved by the Executive Team includes the following provision:


“In the case of policies for which the Approval Authority is the Senate or the Board of Governors, this paragraph 3.d) shall take effect if and when such Approval Authority so authorizes, and immediately for any other policy.”


MOVED to approve section 3.d) of the Policy Governance Framework, as attached.



Notice of Motion


This serves as notice of motion that the Senate Organization Committee intends to recommend Senate approves Bylaw amendments to Article 4, as attached.



Senate Research Committee Report (Dr. Olakunle Akingbola)



Senate Teaching and Learning Committee Report (Dr. Douglas Ivison)



Senate Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries Committee Report (Dr. Christine Gottardo)



Senate Undergraduate Studies Committee Report (Dr. Joan Chambers)


Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) Appointment Recommendation


MOVED that Britney Olibris, be appointed as a student on the Senate Academic Appeals Committee for the term commencing immediately to June 30, 2020.


Informational Items



Update on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan (Mrs. Kathy Pozihun and Mr. Dylan Mazur)



2020-21 Annual Integrated Planning and Budget Development Process (Dr. David Barnett and Mrs. Kathy Pozihun)



President’s Report (Dr. Moira McPherson)



Provost & Vice-President (Academic) Report (Dr. David Barnett)



Board of Governors Report (Mr. Sean Speer)



Calendar Changes for Referral Deadline

Please note that calendar changes applicable to the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar must be at the Senate Referral stage in the Curriculum Navigator Workflow no later than Friday, January 10, 2020.


In camera Session


MOVED that the Senate adjourns to an in camera session to discuss honorary degrees and that only Senators and those specifically invited by the Chair shall be present.