Strategic Plan 2013-2018: Nurturing a Passion to Lead

Nurturing Scholarship

Circle with wordsStrategic Action:
Lakehead University will be recognized for the excellence of its scholarship, the cohesive integration of teaching, learning, and research, the fostering of intellectual freedom, and the incorporation of disciplines into an integrated, multidisciplinary framework.


Learner-Centred Student Experience

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Lakehead University students will be offered a unique experience that combines opportunities for an active lifestyle with integrated student supports in a collaborative learning environment. As a result, the modified graduation rate will increase by 3% during the life of this plan.


Growth & Capacity Development

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Lakehead University will achieve overall enrolment in excess of 10,000 students by 2018. As a result, Lakehead University will be broader, deeper, and more sustainable.


Community Engagement

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Lakehead University will engage in authentic and meaningful partnerships with individuals, alumni, Aboriginal communities, NGOs, governments, businesses, and associations with whom we share a common vision and interest.


Economic Development

Circle with WordsStrategic Action:
To contribute to and support the social and economic prosperity of Northern Ontario and Simcoe County communities through research, education, knowledge transfer, the training of highly-qualified personnel, commercialization, and Centres of Excellence.



Final Report of 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

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