Principal, Lakehead Orillia

Dr. Dean Jobin-Bevans

Dr. Dean Jobin-Bevans

Dr. Dean Jobin-Bevans received his musical education at the University of Toronto obtaining a Bachelors degree in History and Literature of Music, and at McGill University where he completed both a Master and Doctorate degree in music performance (choral conducting).

Previous to joining Lakehead University in August 2005, Jobin-Bevans held positions as the Development and Alumni Relations Officer for the Faculty of Music (currently the Schulich School of Music, McGill University) and Director of the McGill Conservatory of Music.

During his twelve years as a faculty member at Lakehead University, Jobin-Bevans has taught as an Associate Professor in the Department of Music, and has occupied several administrative positions, including; the Chair of the Department of Music, Assistant Dean, Acting Dean and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Currently, he serves as the Principal of Lakehead Orillia.

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Position Overview

Summary Statement

The Principal of the Orillia Campus, Lakehead University is responsible for overseeing all operations at the Orillia campus to ensure that they are compliant with University plans, policies and procedures, and that they are aligned with the University’s Strategic and Academic Plans.  Reporting to the President, the Principal works collaboratively with members of the Executive Team on issues related to the implementation of the University’s academic priorities, and the coordinated and integrated delivery of administrative services at the Orillia campus.

Specific Accountabilities

Leading Effectively

  • The Principal has primary responsibility for the Orillia campus and is accountable to the President in assuring compliance with all academic and administrative policies;
  • As a full member of the University's senior Executive Team, Senate, and a signing officer, works with the President and the Vice-Presidents to advance the institutional interests of the Orillia campus and to ensure their alignment with the University’s strategic and academic plans;
  • Working collaboratively with the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), oversees the implementation of the objectives of the University's Strategic and Academic Plan and the Orillia Campus Plan at the Orillia campus. The Principal will provide input and collaborate with the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) on academic-related issues related to the Orillia campus. Wherever possible, approvals made by the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) on Orillia Campus academic-related matters will be made in conjunction with the Principal;
  • Works collaboratively with the Vice President (Administration and Finance), to ensure the coordinated and integrated delivery of administrative services at the Orillia campus;
  • Working collaboratively with the Vice President (External Relations), oversees community outreach, communications and public relations for the campus.  The Principal liaises and builds relationships with local government officials, the business community, aboriginal communities, community groups and organizations and members of the public, to promote the many programs, research activities and services offered by the university and to advocate for ongoing investment, community partnerships, and fundraising for the university;
  • Working collaboratively with the President and Vice President Research, Economic Development and Innovation, sits as a member of the President's Advisory Council on Economic Development (Simcoe County) and fosters relationships supporting economic development and innovation in Simcoe County;
  • Working collaboratively with Lakehead International, facilitates the development of international programming at the Orillia campus
  • Acts as Chair of the Campus Coordinating Committee or successor groups to such committee; and
  • Works with the most senior functional managers on the campus in the development of campus-wide strategic plans for the campus or local activities. 

Ensuring and Managing Execution

  • Collaborates with senior University administrators to ensure that campus-based services and supports are delivered to meet stakeholder needs;
  • Engages with University-wide issues as a full member of the senior Executive Team, represents the institutional interests of the Orillia campus at Executive Team meetings, and regularly attends Senate;
  • Champions and leads (as appropriate) campus-specific initiatives which support and are integrated with the wider interest and activities of the University;
  • As a member of the Executive Budget Team, meets annually as part of the University annual budget process to review the previous year and to set priorities related to proposals for the upcoming year on the Orillia campus;
  • In collaboration with the Vice President (Administration and Finance), ensures that administrative services are coordinated at the Orillia campus; and
  • Provides input and collaborates with the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) on administrative issues (including budget related matters) related to the Orillia campus.  Wherever possible, approvals made by the Vice-President (Administration & Finance) on Orillia campus administrative-related matters will be made in conjunction with the Principal.

Communicating Effectively

  • As the individual with primary responsibility for the Orillia campus, communicates with the campus and community as a whole on behalf of the President under his direction, and as necessary on behalf of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic);
  • Speaks on behalf of the President in Simcoe County under his direction when the President & Vice-Chancellor is not available to do so;
  • Works closely with the Director of Government Relations to ensure strategic alignment and synergy of all messaging and advocacy; and
  • Consults with Vice President of respective area(s) prior to taking any action when the actions of the Principal may reasonably be expected to have an impact on the operations of the respective Vice President.  The Vice Presidents of the respective areas will reciprocate the Principals actions when their actions may reasonably be expected to have an impact of the Principal or the Orillia campus. In those rare instances when emergency circumstances require unilateral action, communication should follow as soon as possible. The onus is on the person taking the action to initiate the communication.

Relationship Development and Collaboration

  • Under direction of the President and in collaboration with the Vice-President External Relations, establishes and maintains strong and positive relationships outside the university with various levels of government, community organizations, educational partners, and with the leaders of aboriginal communities, advocacy groups, special interest groups and other entities whose activities and interests intersect with those of the university in Simcoe County;
  • Identifies and builds relationships with a wide range of community and external partners and stakeholders to identify and support activities of mutual benefit that advance the strategic objectives of the university in Simcoe County;
  • Exhibits exceptional acumen for community building and fosters trust and confidence and earns support from the University’s external constituencies;
  • Acts as the public face of the university and represents the President & Vice-Chancellor in fund-raising and other advocacy activities on behalf of Lakehead University when the President is not available;
  • Represents the University in the local and regional communities at public functions, on committees of non-university entities, on boards and other leadership groups; and
  • Exemplifies the Lakehead culture of student and faculty engagement by encouraging and visibly participating in a broad array of campus activities.

Building and Managing Talent

  • Provides input and collaborates with the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) on all hiring, performance reviews and discipline of administrative staff at the Orillia campus;
  • Provides input and collaborates with the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) on the recruitment and retention of academic support staff at the Orillia campus, as required;
  • Ensures direct reports commit to the University’s Mission, Values, and strategic direction, inspiring others to accept challenges;
  • Delegates full authority and responsibility to those responsible for and capable of a task including the opportunity to make and learn from mistakes in a non-critical setting;
  • Identifies training and development needs of staff and provides in-depth coaching to optimize talent development; and
  • Acts to address performance issues directly and promptly.

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