Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

With the high costs of tuition, books and living expenses, our students are in need of financial assistance in many forms. In fact, approximately 50% of Lakehead students rely on some form of financial assistance (e.g. Ontario Student Assistance Program/OSAP).

We invite you to make a gift that can change a life forever.


A donor may choose to provide an Annual Award or create an Endowment.

An Annual Award requires a minimum commitment of $5,000, payable over as many as five years ($1,000 per annum). The donor may direct this to a particular discipline, such as arts and science, education, business, or social work.

An Endowed Award requires a minimum commitment of $10,000, payable over five years ($2,000 per annum). Interest earned on the capital is used to pay out the annual award in perpetuity. Endowed funds are invested through the Lakehead University Board of Governors Investment Committee. You may add to your endowment at any time.

Annual or Endowed Awards may be named in memory of a loved one or the donor (individual, foundation or corporation). Lakehead University welcomes the donor's participation in setting up the terms of reference for Awards within guidelines established by the University. Create a lasting legacy by contributing to Lakehead University's Awards Program.


  • Scholarships provide support to undergraduate or graduate students primarily on the basis of academic excellence (an overall average of 80% or better).

  • Bursaries are based primarily on financial need.

  • Awards may combine various criteria including academic standing, financial need and community involvement.