Dr. Will Zhao

Assistant Professor

will.zhao@lakeheadu.ca; wzhao8@lakeheadu.ca
Phone Number: 
+1 807-343-8534
Office Location: 
RB 1016
Academic Qualifications: 

Dr. W. G. Zhao is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business Administration. Before moving back to Canada, he was a SCANCOR Scholar at Stanford UniversityDr. Zhao has an multidisciplinary training background in Business, Liberal Arts, and Science. Dr. Zhao is the recipient of the 2019 SAP Best Reviewer Award at the Academy of Management, and of Lakehead's 2019-2020 Contribution to Teaching Award.

  • PhD - EM Lyon
  • Msc - Grenoble
  • GDip - London
  • BA - AIFT/Lyon 2
Previous Teaching/Work: 
  • Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Postgrad Course;
  • Management and Organization Theory - Postgrad Research Seminar;
  • Strategic Management - Undergrad Course;
  • Organizational Behavior - Postgrad Course (in Europe).
Research Interests: 

Dr. Zhao's research interests lie in examining the (social) multimodality that finds its expressions in innovation, entrepreneurship and organization. He is particularly interested in higher education and healthcare as the site of his research, and his empirical approaches draw heavily on applied linguistics, visual methods, and/or machine learning.

* Dr. Zhao welcomes graduate and doctoral (co-)supervision inquiries from applicants whose interests are alignable with his current supervisory emphases, i.e., 1) entrepreneurship education and 2) artificial intelligence for social impact. Due to the number of inquiries received, Dr. Zhao may not be able to consider or reply to out-of-scope inquiries.