Dr. Wing Him Yeung

Chair, Undergraduate Years 3&4; Coordinator, Dual Degree Program
Associate Professor
RB 1035
Academic Qualifications: 
Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University)
M.A. (Simon Fraser University)
B.B.A. (Simon Fraser University)
Dr. Yeung is an associate professor in the Finance discipline of the Faculty of Business Administration at Lakehead University. He is currently also the Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum Years 3 and 4, as well as the Coordinator of the International Dual Degree Program, in the Faculty of Business Administration. He served as the Chair of Undergraduate Curriculum Years 1 and 2 from January 2020 to June 2023.
Dr. Yeung holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance, a Master of Arts in Financial Risk Management, and a Bachelor of Business Administration (First-Class Honours) in Finance and Accounting from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. He currently teaches Finance I and Portfolio Management and has also taught Corporate Finance, Investment Management, and International Financial Management in the past at Lakehead University. In addition, Dr. Yeung has been actively participating in the Faculty Mobility Program offered by Lakehead University International by teaching Finance courses as a visiting professor in Germany, as well as attending international project week and international staff week in Finland and France.
Dr. Yeung's research areas include corporate finance, investments, capital market, corporate governance, and developing and emerging markets. His publications appeared in academic journals such as Global Finance Journal, Managerial Finance, and Managerial Auditing Journal. His research has also been presented in national and international conferences such as the FMA Asia/Pacific Conference and the CAAA Annual Conference.
In addition, Dr. Yeung was the recipient of the 2016 Researcher of the Year Award and the 2022 Teaching Innovation Award in the Faculty of Business Administration at Lakehead University.
Selected Refereed Publications:
Lento, C. and Yeung, W. H. (2023). Exploring the Audit Quality and Audit Fee Impacts of Joining Different Types of Non-Big 4 Accounting Networks and Associations: Evidence from China. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting.
Lento, C. and Yeung, W. H. (2021). The Role of the Big 4 and Second-Tier International Networks in Redeveloping China’s Audit Market. Managerial Auditing Journal, 36(1), 40-71.
Lento, C. and Yeung, W. H. (2020). Examining the CSR Valuation Paradox using Canadian Public Companies. Journal of Business Valuation, 2020, 59-108.
Yeung, W. H. and Lento, C. (2020). Earnings Opacity and Corporate Governance for Chinese Listed Firms: The Role of the Board and External Auditors. Asian Review of Accounting, 28(4), 487-515.
Yeung, W. H., Pang, Y., and Aman, A. (2020). South-South Cooperation in South and East Asia: An Event Study of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Global Business Review, 21(1), 54-67.
Lento, C., Bujaki, M., and Yeung, W. H. (2018). Auditing Estimates in Financial Statements: A Case Study of a Fish Farm's Biological Asset. Accounting Perspectives, 17(3), 453-462.
Yeung, W. H. and Lento, C. (2018). Stock Price Crash Risk and Unexpected Earnings Thresholds. Managerial Finance, 44(8), 1012-1030.
Yeung, W. H. and Lento, C. (2018). Ownership Structure, Audit Quality, Board Structure, and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China. Global Finance Journal, 37, 1-24.
Yeung, W. H., Wu, Y., and Liu, F. (2018). Impact of Charismatic Leadership and Market Shares on IPO First-Day Returns: The Case of Technology Firms. Global Business Review, 19(4), 859-872.
Lento, C. and Yeung, W. H. (2017). Earnings Benchmarks, Earnings Management and Future Stock Performance of Chinese Listed Companies reporting under ASBE-IFRS. Asian Review of Accounting, 25(4), 502-525.
Yeung, W. H. and Aman, A. (2016). Sensitivity of Stock Indices to Global Events: The Perspective for Pakistani Canadians. Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 32(2), 102-119.
Blazenko, G. W. and Yeung, W. H. (2015). Does R&D Create or Resolve Uncertainty? The Journal of Risk Finance, 16(5), 536-553.
Current and Past Teaching at Lakehead University:
Finance I
Corporate Finance
Investment Management
International Financial Management
Portfolio Management