Graduate Students (Past & Present)

Cynthia Stephen, In Progress, MSc – Archaeological Science “Human Remains Dogs Dogs and their ability to detect smaller amounts of human remains at varying levels of decomposition in water environments”

Claire Woodley, In Progress,MSc – Archaeological Science “Childhood health in the Early Chalolithic of the Central Zagros” [co-supervisor - Dr. Deborah Merrett]

Gabriel Morrow, In Progress, MSc – Archaeological Science “Testing Universal vs Race specific equations for estimating living stature in forensic cases.”

Jade Ross, MSc – Archaeological Science (2022) “Investigating origin of individuals from a British Royal Navy Hospital Cemetery, English Harbour, Antigua: A Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Analysis”

Rachel Simpson, MA – Anthropology, USask (2020)Examining Biogenic and Diagenetic Lead Exposure with Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Fluorescence Imaging of Experimentally Altered Bone” [co-supervised with Dr. David Cooper]

Jessica Kamckey, MES- NECU – Anthropology (2018) “Manitoulin Island In Transition: An Eco-Epidemiological Evaluation Of Late 19th century health"

Karen Giffin, MSc - Biology (2015), "Biogenic Lead Level in Human Skeletal Remains from the Cemetry of the British Royal Navy Hospital (1793 - 1822CE) at English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies"

Danee Wilson, MA - Anthropology, USask (2015) "No Man’s Paradise: Lead Burden and Diet Reconstruction from Human Skeletal Remains as Correlates of Social Status and Health in a Colonial Era Cemetery from Antigua" [co-supervised with Dr. Angela Lieverse]

Hillary Sparkes, MSc - Biology (2009), "Reconstructing childhood and adulthood diets from a Caribbean population using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of dentin and bone collagen"


Honours Thesis Students

Reanna Fragale, In Progress, HBSc “Phtsis in Post-emancipation Antigua, W.I. HSSc Anthropology”

Sarah Lutes, HBSc (2021)Exploratory analysis and differential diagnosis of a fragmentary Post-Saladoid skeleton from Antigua, West Indies." [co-supervised with Dr. Deborah Merrett]

Tara Wilson, HBSc (2020) “Investigating Infant Mortality in Falmouth, Antigua: before, during and after emancipation.”

Jade Ross, HBSc (2019) “Tracing Childhood vs Adult residence in Naval Personnel from the Royal Naval Hospital cemetery, Antigua, c. 1800 with stable C and O isotopes from dental enamel.”

Jessica Kamckey, HBSc (2014),"Lead Poisoning in two post-emancipation Antigua parishes (1862-1873)"

Brittany Crocker, HBSc (2010) TB in the post-emancipation civil population of Antigua, W.I., 1863-1871"

Eric Guiry, HBSc (2009), “Assessing the Feasibility of a Circumstantial Proxy for Human Paleodiet on the Great Plains-Boreal Transition Zone"

Terri Breed, HBA (2007), “Skeletal markers of occupational stress from the Royal Naval Hospital cemetery in English Harbour, Antigua, WI”

Christine Lawrie, HBA (2006), “Is FORDISC 3.0 useful as an archaeological tool for sex determination of the Medieval Population of Westerhus, Sweden"