Graduate Students (Past & Present)

Karen Giffin, MSc (2015), "Biogenic Lead Level in Human Skeletal Remains from the Cemetry of the British Royal Navy Hospital (1793 - 1822CE) at English Harbour, Antigua, West Indies"

Hillary Sparkes, MSc (2009), "Reconstructing childhood and adulthood diets from a Caribbean population using stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of dentin and bone collagen"

Danee Wilson, (MA Anthropology, USask) "No Man’s Paradise: Lead Burden and Diet Reconstruction from Human Skeletal Remains as Correlates of Social Status and Health in a Colonial Era Cemetery from Antigua"


Honours Thesis Students

Jessica Kamckey, HBSc - Anthropology (2014),"Lead Poisoning in two post-emancipation Antigua parishes (1862-1873)"

Brittany Crocker, HBSc - Anthropology (2010) TB in the post-emancipation civil population of Antigua, W.I., 1863-1871"

Eric Guiry, HBSc - Anthropology (2009), “Assessing the Feasibility of a Circumstantial Proxy for Human Paleodiet on the Great Plains-Boreal Transition Zone"

Terri Breed, HBA - Anthropology (2007), “Skeletal markers of occupational stress from the Royal Naval Hospital cemetery in English Harbour, Antigua, WI”

Christine Lawrie, HBA - Anthropology (2008), “Is FORDISC 3.0 useful as an archaeological tool for sex determination of the Medieval Population of Westerhus, Sweden”