Graduate Supervision and Student Mentorship Opportunities

  • Research Volunteer
  • Undergraduate student project 
  • MSc Thesis (starting September 2017)

Selected Funding

I. Funding Agency: Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) - Healthy and Productive Work: Partnership Development Grant.

                        Amount: $147,636

                        Funding Period: 2016-18

Project Title:  FIRE-WELL: Firefighter Illness Remediation Enterprise: Work-Accommodations for Enabled Life & Livelihood

                        PI: MacDermid JC

                        Co-I: D’Amico R, Grieve C, Sinden K, Stock S

                        Collaborators: Pysklywec M, Scott L, Frewen P, Petersen S, Jamnik V

II. Funding Agency: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Operating Grant, Knowledge-to-Action

Project Title: Establishing evidence-based tools to improve Firefighter work health: A TEAM approach

Amount: $200 000.00

Funding Period: 2015-2017

Nominated PI / Project Lead: Joy MacDermid,

Project Lead – Knowledge User: Robert D’Amico

Project Expert – Knowledge User: Colin Grieve, Karen Roche

Project Expert: Kathryn Sinden

III. Funding Agency: Ministry of Labor: Research Opportunities

                        Amount:  $235 721. 82

                        Funding Period: 2014-2016

Project Title: Improving firefighter health and performance: Development of individual injury prevention strategies mediated by age and gender

                        Nominated Co-PI’s: Joy C. MacDermid, Kathryn E. Sinden

                        Co-Applicants: Robert D’Amico, Karen Roche, Colin Grieve