Kelly Saxberg: Selected Film Director Credits

Under the Red Star (2011), 79 min. docu-drama. Franco Finn Films.

Northern Grown (2011), 30 min. documentary. co-director Rauli Roy, Shebafilms.

Life is but a Dream (2010), 8 min. short documentary. Documentary Channel USA. Finalist 2010 International Documentary Challenge.

Citoyens du Monde (2010), 6 x 54 min. French language documentary series. Producer: Louise Paquin, Charles Lavack for Les Productions Rivard. Broadcaster: TFO.

Citizens of the World (2010), 6 x 54 min., English version.

Seeking Bimaadiziiwin (2007), 30 min. drama, Co-director/ Co-producer with Dave Clement, Shebandowan Films / Thunderstone Pictures.

Dorothea Mitchell: A Reel Pioneer (2005), 50 min. documentary, Shebafilms.

Voyageur Legacy: Our Story/ Le printemps des voyageurs: la genèse  (2005), 52 min.  documentary (French and English versions). Producer: Les Productions Rivard. Broadcaster: TFO.

Hinge of an Empire (2005), 15 min. Producer: Les Productions Rivard.

Turning Points (2005), 14 part series, 180 min. Producer: Ron Davis and Ron Harpelle, Shebandowan Films. Educational DVD for Ontario Health.

Letters from Karelia (2004), 76 min documentary. Canada Producer: Joe MacDonald,

National Film Board. Finnish version broadcast: YLE1 (Finland) 48 minute version broadcast History Television. 2006 Blizzard Award for Best Documentary and Best Directing.

Banana Split (2002), 50 min. documentary. Directors: Kelly Saxberg and Ron Harpelle.

Awarded the Deborah Fletcher Award of Excellence in Filmmaking on International Development (2005) and Best Documentary at the Latin American Environmental MediaFilm Festival (2005).

Rosies of the North (1999), 50 min. documentary. Producer: Joe MacDonald, National Film Board of Canada. Broadcasters: Canadian History Television, Women's Television Network, TVO, Biography, Documentary, CBC, and several others.

Homebirth: A Natural Choice (1994), 23 min. documentary.