Dr. Jenny Roth

Assistant Dean

Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 766-7116ext. 7116
Office Location: 
Ryan Building 2014
Office Hours: 
Wednesday 1-2pm
Academic Qualifications: 

Ph.D. English, University of St Andrews, Scotland, 2003

BA (With Distinction) English, University of Victoria, BC, 1999

Date joined Lakehead: 
August 2005
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Teaching Areas:  feminist theory and methods; cyberfeminism; technofeminism; law and literature; feminist science fiction; feminist film studies; activism

Research Interests: 

Recent Scholarly Activities

Roth, J. and Chamberes, L. "Transversal and Postmodern Feminist Praxis in Everyday Practice." Atlantis 40.1 (2019): 1-17.

Roth, J. “Dracula’s Technofeminist Twist.” WGSRF, CONGRESS, University of Regina. May, 2018.

Roth, J., and Sanders, C. “‘Incorrigible slag,’ the Case of Jennifer Murphy’s HIV Non-disclosure: Gender norm policing and the production of gender-class-race categories in Canadian news coverage.” Women’s Studies International Forum 68 (2018): 113-120.

Roth, J. Chambers, L. and Walsh, D. “‘Your girls that you love are mine already’: Dracula, Mormonism, and New Women’s Degenerate Polygamy.” Law Culture and the Humanities 12.2 (2016): 353-72.

Flegel, M and J. Roth. “Writing a New Text: The Role of Cyberculture in Fanfiction Writers’ Transition to ‘Legitimate’ Publishing.” Contemporary Women’s Writing 10.2 (2016): 253-72.

Roth, J“Gender, Genre, Representation, and the Mainstream Media.” WGSRF, CONGRESS, University of Calgary, May 30, 2016.

Seymour, J., J. Roth, and M. Flegel. “Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Fan-Creator Interactions and New Online Storytelling.” The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture. 4.2-3 (2015): 99-114.

Invited Speaker: Roth, J. “From the Back Porch to DePaul: SPN, Fannish Impulses, and the Cultural Economy.” Celebration of Supernatural. DePaul University. Chicago, May 2015.

Recent Awards and Recognition

Merit Award, Service and Research (2018)

Elected by University Colleagues to Promotion, Tenure, & Renewal Committee (2017)

Elected by University Colleagues to Merit Awards Committee (2017)

Recognized in 40 Fabulous Feminists of Northwestern Ontario, for program and curriculum development. (2017)

Merit Award, Research and Teaching (2016)

Honourable Mention Award, Best English Language Article, Canadian Journal of Law and Society for Chambers, L., and Roth, J.  “Prejudice Unveiled: The Niqab in Court”, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, 29 (3) (fall 2014). (2015)

SSHRC Visiting Scholar Grant (2015)

Quoted as Epigraph in Jane Werner’s Black Sheep Motherhood (Vancouver: Friesen Press, 2015)(quote taken from one of my lectures; the author is a former student) (2015)