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Teaching Philosophy

From the classroom, to online, to field base courses, the School of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism provides an instructor with a variety of teaching opportunities.  In most of these instances, I have attempted to integrate different pedagogical approaches, this includes experiential education, technology, invited guest speakers, and integrating, where possible, community-service learning (CSL). Through CSL, students meet with various community leaders and stakeholders, expand their worldviews, and apply their knowledge to studies in the field, promoting independence and a truly unique educational experience. In each case, student groups work closely with organisations and/or the communities to develop research projects that are locally beneficial.  Some of these examples include a:

  • A collaborative project conducted with the Keepers of Anemki Wajiw and by students in OUTD 3715 (Aboriginal Tourism now Indigenous Tourism) which developed a draft code of conduct that ORPT students, faculty and staff can abide by, when traveling on the traditional territory of the Fort William First Nation.  
  • Working with the Red Rock Indian Band (RRIB) on a multitude of projects like examining tourism potentials like trails, discussing parks and protected areas, and sense of place studies.

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Parks management, wildlife management, trail management, last chance tourism, indigenous tourism, battlefield tourism

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