Recent Publications

    1. Synthesis of mesoscale ordered two-dimensional π-conjugated polymers with semiconducting properties, G. Galeotti, F. De Marchi, E. Hamzehpoor, O. MacLean, M. Rajeswara Rao, Y. Chen, L.V. Besteiro, D. Dettmann, L. Ferrari, F. Frezza, P.M. Sheverdyaeva, R. Liu, A.K. Kundu, P. Moras, M. Ebrahimi, M.C. Gallagher, F. Rosei, D.F. Perepichka & G. Contini, Nature Materials (2020), (
    2. Temperature-induced molecular reorganization on Au(111) driven by oligomeric defects, F. De Marchi, G. Galeotti, M. Simenas, M.C. Gallagher, E. Hamzehpoor, O. MacLean, R.M. Rao, Y. Chen, D. Dettmann, G. Contini, E.E. Tornau, M. Ebrahimi, D.F. Perepichka, and F. Rosei, Nanoscale 295, 2418 (2019).
    3. Supramolecular structures of halogenated oligothiophenes on the Si(111)-√3×√3-Ag surface; R. Liu, C. Fu, D.F. Perepichka,and M.C. Gallagher; Surf. Sci. 647, 51-54 (2016).
    4. Ullmann-Type Coupling of Brominated Tetrathienoanthracene on Crystalline Copper and Silver; R. Gutzler, L. Cardenas, J. Lipton-Duffin, M. El Garah, L. E. Dinca, C. E. Szakacs, C. Fu, M. C. Gallagher, M. Vondráček, M. Rybachuk, D. F. Perepichka, and F. Rosei; Nanoscale 6, 2660-2668 (2014).
    5. Scanning tunneling microscopy tip-assisted modification of Ti(IV) dithiothreitol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111): restructuring of the gold surface; M.L. Cappello, K.A. Hardy, A.R. MacDairmid, M.C. Gallagher, and J.T. Banks; Canadian Journal of Chemistry 91, 364-368 (2013).
    6. Growth of the Au-induced c(8x2) structure on vicinal Ge(001); S. Melnik and M.C. Gallagher; Surf. Sci. 606, L10-L12 (2012).