Selected Publications

Select recent peer review books, articles, book chapters:

Forthcoming: Galway, L.P., Parkes, M., Corbett, K., et al. Climate change frames in public health and water resource management. Information, Communication, Education and Training on Climate Change. Ed.: Leal, WF.

Forthcoming: Jones, A., Achary, Y., Galway, L.P. Urbanicity is Associated with the Nutritional Double Burden in Sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Nutrition.

2015: Lafta, R., Al-Shatary, S., Cherewick, M., Galway, L.P., Mock, C., Hagopian, A., Flaxman, A., Kushner, A., Greer, A., Burnham, G. Injury-related death and disability associated with 11 years of conflict in Baghdad, Iraq: A randomized household cluster survey. PLoS One.

2015: Galway, L.P., Berry, B. & Takaro. T. Student perceptions and lessons learned from flipping a masters level environmental health course. The Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology.

2014: Galway, L.P, Allen, D., Parkes, M., Li, L., & Takaro, T. Hydroclimatic factors and acute gastro-intestinal illness in British Columbia, Canada: A time-series analysis. Water Resources Research. (Invited to a special section on hydro-epidemiology)

2014: Galway, L.P, Corbett, K., Takaro, T, Tairyan, K., & Frank, E. Integration of online and flipped classroom instructional models in public health higher education. BMC Medical Education.

2013: Galway, L.P., Allen, D., Parkes, M., & Takaro, T. Seasonal variation of acute gastro-intestinal illness by hydroclimatic regime and drinking water source: a retrospective population-based study. Journal of Water & Health.

2013: Hagopian, A., Flaxman, A., Takaro, T., Al Shatari, S, Rajaratnam, J., Becker, S., Galway, L.P., et al. Mortality in Iraq associated with the 2003–2011 war and occupation: Findings from a national cluster sample survey by the university collaborative Iraq mortality study. PLoS Medicine.

2012: Galway, L.P., Bell, N., Al Shatari, S., et al. A two-stage cluster sampling method using gridded population data, a GIS, and Google EarthTM imagery in a population-based mortality survey in Iraq. International Journal of Health Geographics.

2012: Galway, L.P., Corbett, K., & Zeng, L. Where are the NGOs and why? The distribution of health and development NGOs in Bolivia. Globalization & Health.

2012: Jones, A., Cruz Agudo, Y., Galway, L.P., et al. Heavy agricultural workloads and low crop diversity are strong barriers to improving child feeding practices in the Bolivian Andes. Social Science & Medicine.

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