Graduate Students

  • Hope, Ashley (in progress, started September 2010)

  • Thompson, David (in progress, started September 2009)

  • Blando, Anna (in progess, started September 2007)

  • Karioja, Reija (2008).  The impact of a 10-week structured exercise class on the perceptions of vasomotor symptoms experienced by perimenopausal women: A qualitative collected case study.

  • Hayward, Tiffany (2007). A profile of eating disorder risk among female figure skaters. How effective can education be in the prevention?

  • Dean, Rachel (2004). Understanding strength training behaviour in older adults using the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

  • Ramirez Garcia, Carlos (2003). Mental training for endurance sports.

  • MacDonald, Keltie (2001). Achievement goal orientations, intrinsic motivation, and self-efficacy in youth recreational and competitive sport structures.

  • Light, Matthew (2000). Arousal imagery effects on competitive state anxiety and performance of the penalty kick.