Dr. Danny Franklin

Assistant Professor
+1 807-343-8010ext. 7279
RB 1009
Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Academic Qualifications: 

Danny Franklin joined Lakehead University in January 2024. He holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2007) from the National Institute of Technology in Calicut, India, and an M.B.A. (2010) and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management (2017) from the Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Date joined Lakehead: 
January, 2024
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Lakehead University:

BUSI 5071: Strategic Management

Southern Connecticut State University (2022-23):

MBA 551: Business Ecology and Sustainability
MBA 525: Business Ethics
MGT 450: Business Policy and Strategy
MGT 300: Management and Organization

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (2016-22):

MGT 480: Business Sustainability Capstone
MGT 449: CBA Capstone: Applied Business Strategy
MGT 408: Global Responsibility of Business
MGT 310: Principles of Sustainable Business
Study Abroad Program: Sustainability in Australia and New Zealand

University of Arkansas (2011-16):

MGMT 3013: Strategic Management
MGMT 3013H: Honors Strategic Management

Research Interests: 

Danny's research interests include organizational knowledge and secrecy (e.g., formation, structuration, maintenance and disclosure of strategic secrets), business sustainability (e.g., measurement and mitigation of business impacts on the environment and associated strategic implications), corporate social responsibility (e.g., the relationship between CSR and CFP, impacts of CSR legislation, etc.), and behavioral and organizational ethics.