HIST 1100: The Making of the Modern World

HIST 2610: Asia since 1500

HIST 2619: Modern South Asia
HIST 3714: Gender and Colonialism in South Asia

HIST 3718: Global Environmental History
HIST 4603: South Asia in the World
HIST 4811: Imperialism and the Environment

HIST 4811: Imperialism and the Developing World

HIST 4813: Environment and Empire



HIST5731: Themes in Asian History

HIST5731: Imperialism since 1750

HIST5731: Themes in Environmental History

HIST5733: Research in Asian History

HIST5733: Research in Environmental History

HIST5761: Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism in the Modern World

HIST5760: Global Environmental History

Postdoctoral Supervision

Robert Bridi – Postdoctoral supervision September 2017 – April 2018 - Research Project “People’s History of Climate Change in the Western Himalayas, India.”