Why was Lakehead the right university for you? 
Having grown up in a small town I knew how comforting it was to know everyone in your community. I wanted to experience that again. Within the very first week of classes I knew all my classmates names, and they knew mine. When people say class sizes are small, they mean it! Most of my classes were designed in such a way that professors would encourage us to discuss the topics and ideas being taught. Throughout my time at Lakehead I was able to develop meaningful and memorable relationships with all my peers and professors that I will remember forever.

What is your fondest memory of Lakehead?

My greatest memory while at Lakehead was definitely jumping into Pass Lake…in the middle of winter. My professor had set up an evening for all her students to gather together to bond before classes had begun again after our teaching practicums. Part of this bonding experience was having all of us do a polar bear dip into the ice-covered, bone chilling, freezing, lake. It was definitely an experience that I will a) never do again b) never forget. 

What was your favorite Lakehead hangout?

The place on campus where I always found myself gravitating to was The Study.  The Study has this cozy, warm, calming, coffee house vibe.  You could often find me grabbing a local coffee there and sitting down to do some last minute readings before running off to my next class. In the evenings The Study often had entertainment, be it a musician, open mic night, or comedy. I absolutely recommend The Study for anyone needing a quick pick me up between, or after, class.

Who was your most memorable professor? Why?

All of my professors at Lakehead have a soft spot in my heart, but by far there is one that sticks out above the rest—Peggy Mason.  She is one of the kindest, most caring, most passionate teachers I’ve come across during my time at Lakehead. Not to mention she’s a complete ball of energy when she comes into the classroom, despite it being the early morning. Peggy knew all of her students on a personal level and really took the time to ensure you grasped all of the concepts and content she was covering in class. Her class was always fun!

What was your most embarrassing Lakehead moment?

Ha! What happens at Lakehead stays at Lakehead!

What were your greatest accomplishment/defining moment at Lakehead?

Walking across the stage at the Thunder Bay Auditorium to receive my Bachelor of Education degree was the defining moment of my Lakehead career.

What has your Lakehead degree done for you?

My Lakehead University degree has provided me with the knowledge and skill set to use within many different career paths throughout my future – not just within the field of which I studied. Not only has my degree prepared me for the job world, but it has been the catalyst for many personal and professional relationships.

Any advice for upcoming Lakehead students?

Don’t freak out. You’re going to do just fine. Study hard and enjoy yourself. These will be the best 4 years (or more) of your life!