Dr. Manal Alzghoul

Dr. Manal Alzghoul

Associate Professor

Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8565
Office Location: 
Office Hours: 
Email: malzghou@lakeheadu.ca
Academic Qualifications: 
  • Ph.D. Degree in Nursing (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
  •  Master Degree in Nursing (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
  •  Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan.
Previous Teaching/Work: 

 Current Teaching

  • Advanced topics in Nursing (NUR 4111)
  • Adult Illness concept 1 &2 (NUR 2055, NUR 2056)
  • Relational practice 1 (NUR 1511; Therapeutic Communication)
  • Relational practice 2 (NUR 1512)
  • Care and Comfort Skills 2 

Previous Teaching 

  • Nursing research (Graduate)
  • Fundamentals of Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Adult Health Assessment in Nursing (Theory and Clinical) (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Critical Care Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Medical & Surgical Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Introduction to the Accident and Emergency (Theory and Clinical), and Cardiovascular Emergency Care (Theory and Clinical).
Research Interests: 

My research agenda represents my clinical experience, my personal experience as a high skilled immigrant woman as well as my teaching experience in acute and critical care nursing. My research interests are under different but related areas that include:

Injury preventionImmigrant HealthNursing EthicsRural Health and Nursing Education

Awarded Grants and current research

  • (2020-2022). Mixed Methods Study of Immigrant Parents’ Perceptions of Factors Contributing to and of Strategies to Prevent Unintentional Injuries in Children in Northern and Rural Ontario. Funding Sources: SSHRC Insight Development program (IDG). Role: Principal Applicant. Co-applicant: Souraya Sidani and Vicki Kristman.
  • (2020-2021). Mental Health-Seeking Behaviour Among Canadian Immigrants.Funding Sources: Regional health FundRole: Principal Applicant.Co-applicant: Jones-Bonofiglio, Kristen.
  • (2019-2020). Acting on what mothers told us: Evaluating the HOPE app to support the mental health of pregnant and postpartum women in Northwestern Ontario. Role: Co-applicant. Principal Applicant: Moeller, Helle. Co-applicants: : Sameshima, Pauline; Wakewich, Pamela; Jennifer Chisholm; Abigale Kent. Collaborator: Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre; Thunder Bay District Health Unit;
  • (2018-2019). Immigrant Parents' Knowledge and Perceptions about the Risk for and Prevention of Unintentional injuries in Children in Northwestern Ontario: a qualitative study.Funding Sources: Regional health Fund and SSHRC . enhancement program. Lakehead University. Role: Principal Applicant
  • (2017-2019). Adapting Hospital-to-Home Transitional Care Interventions to the Ontario Rural Healthcare Context.  Funding Sources: Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Health Services. Research Fund 2017. Role: Co-applicant. Principal Applicant: Mary Fox. Co-applicant: Souraya Sidani; Mark Skinner; Co-knowledge User : D Elias; D McNeil; M Ferguson-Pare,; P Rosebush.
  • (2017-2018). Ethical Decision-Making Experiences of Registered Nurses (RNs) in Acute Care Settings in Northern Ontario. Funding Sources: Regional health Fund. Role:Principal Applicant. Co-applicant:: Jones-Bonofiglio, Kristen
  • (2016 -2017). Improving Maternity Care for Marginalized Women in Northern Ontario: Care Provider and Stakeholder Perspectives. Funding Sources: Lakehead University Research Development Fund. Total Funding - 7,000. Role:Co-applicant. Principal Applicant: Wakewich, Pamela. Co-applicant: Dowsley, Martha; Kristen Burnett; Moeller, Helle.
  • (2013-2016 ). Multi-Cultural and Indigenous Experiences with Birth in Thunder Bay Funded by Lakehead University. Funding Sources: Lakehead University Senate Research Committee Research. Role: Co-applicant. Principal Applicant: Dowsley, Martha. Co-applicant: Burnett, Kristin; Moeller, Helle; Wakewich, Pamela.
  • (2012-2015). Prevalence and risk factors for injury among Jordanian population in Northern Jordan. Funding Sources Jordan University of Science and Technology. Deanship of Research. Role:Principle Applicant. Co-applicant: Mohammed K. Shakhatreh; Nihaya A. Al-Sheyab.