Dr. Manal Alzghoul

Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 
+1 (807) 343-8565
Office Location: 
Office Hours: 
Email: malzghou@lakeheadu.ca
Academic Qualifications: 
  • Ph.D. Degree in Nursing (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
  •  Master Degree in Nursing (University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
  •  Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan)
Previous Teaching/Work: 
  • Adult Illness concept (medical-surgical Nursing)

  • Relational practice 1 (therapeutic communication)

  • Care and Comfort Skills 2
  • Relational practice 2 (fundamental of Nursing)
  • Adult Illness concept (medical-surgical Nursing)
  • Advanced Nursing Research (Graduate)
  • Fundamentals of Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Adult Health Assessment in Nursing (Theory and Clinical) (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Critical Care Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Medical/Surgical Nursing (Theory and Clinical)
  • Introduction to the Accident and Emergency (Theory and Clinical), and Cardiovascular Emergency Care (Theory and Clinical).



Research Interests: 

I am interested in conducting research that makes a difference in people’s lives and that fall within the broad topic area of equity, access, and utilization of healthcare services.

My program of research integrates my clinical experience, my personal experience as a highly skilled immigrant woman as well as my teaching experience in the field of acute and critical care nursing.

My research interests are related to three themes:

  • Working with trauma (injured) patients and their families;
  • The factors that contribute to and strategies to prevent unintentional injury in immigrant children;
  • Women’s health and birthing experiences particularly among vulnerable and racialized women from different backgrounds including Indigenous, immigrants, refugees and euro-Canadian women.

I am also interested in exploring strategies that support students in meeting their learning needs in acute and critical care Nursing. 


Current Funded Projects

(2018-2019). "Immigrant parents' knowledge and perceptions about the risk for and prevention of unintentional injuries in children in Northwestern Ontario: a qualitative study." Role: Primary Investigator. Funded by Regional health Fund, Lakehead University

(2018-2019). “Adapting hospital-to-home transitional care interventions to the Ontario rural healthcare context” Co-investigator. Primary investigator(s) Fox, M (PI), Sidani, S.(coPI). Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Health Services Research Fund.

(2017-2018). "Ethical Decision-Making Experiences of Registered Nurses (RNs) in Acute Care Settings in Northern Ontario. Role: Primary Investigator. Funded by Regional health Fund, Lakehead University

 (2017-2018). Prenatal knowledge exchange for equity in birthing experiences and outcomes. Role : Co-lead/investigator . Primary investigator Dr. Helle Moeller. Funded by Women X-change.

 Completed Funded Projects

(2016 -2017). Improving Maternity Care for Marginalized Women in Northern Ontario: Care Provider and Stakeholder Perspectives. Role: Co-investigator. Primary investigator: Dr. Wakewich, Pamela. Funded Senate Research Fund (Lakehead University.

 (2013-2016 ). Multi-Cultural and Indigenous Experiences with Birth in Thunder Bay Role: Co-investigator. Primary investigator: Dr. Dowsley, Martha. Funded Senate Research Fund (Lakehead University.

 (2012/2015). Prevalence and risk factors for injury among Jordanian population in Northern Jordan. Role: Primary Investigator. Funded by Deanship of Research, Jordan University of Science and Technology.