Dr. Asad Aman

Associate Professor
+1 (807) 343-8010ext. 8423
RB 1037
Academic Qualifications: 

PhD Lancaster University Management School, UK

MBA Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan

Previous Teaching/Work: 

Undergraduate courses:

Business 2014: Marketing Management I

Business 2034: Marketing Management II

Business 2514: Entrepreneurial Marketing

Business 3274 Consumer Behaviour

Business 4034: Marketing Communications

Business 4234: Not-For-Profit Marketing

Business 4414: Marketing Strategy

Graduate courses:

Business 5034: Marketing Management

Research Interests: 

Bottom of the Pyramid marketing; Evolution of retail channels in South Asia; Critical Marketing Studies

Sample Publications:

Pousa, C., Liu, Y., & Aman, A. (2020). The effect of managerial coaching on salesperson's relationship behaviors: new evidence from frontline bank employees in China. International Journal of Bank Marketing. Vol. 38 No. 6, pp. 1259-1277.

Aman, A. (2019). Managing internal marketing channel conflict: A proposal for narrative epistemology. Global Business Review, Vol. 20 No. 4, pp. 901-916.

Hopkinson G. and Aman A. (2019). “Micro-political processes in a multinational corporation subsidiary: A postcolonial reading of a restructuring in a sales department, Human Relations. Vol. 72, No. 12. pp. 1869-1890.

Hopkinson G. and Aman A. (2017). Women entrepreneurs: How power operates in bottom of the pyramid marketing discourse. Marketing Theory. Vol. 17, No. 3. pp. 305-321.

Aman, A. and Pousa, C. (2015). Realigning Sales Territories at Garrick Oil and Lubricants, International Journal of Case Studies in Management. Vol. 13, No. 3.

Aman, A, and Hopkinson, G, (2010) The Changing Structure of Distribution Channels in Pakistan, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management. Vol. 38, No. 5. pp. 341-359.