"Viral Disease Through the Lens of Geometry", Dr. Reidun Twarock: Science and Environmental Studies Speaker Series Presentation

Event Date: 
Monday, March 7, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST
Event Location: 
Online event

About the Talk

Mathematical modelling provides a novel perspective on the mechanisms by which viruses assemble, evolve and infect their hosts. Models of viral geometry have been instrumental in the discovery of genome-encoded virus assembly instructions and reveal details of how this assembly mechanism works in different viruses. These insights are exploited in the fight against viral disease.


About the Speaker

Reidun Twarock is Professor of Mathematical Virology at the University of York in the UK. Her research at the interface of mathematical modelling, bioinformatics, biophysics and virology has contributed to the discovery of genome-encoded virus assembly instruction, that she is exploiting with experimental collaborators and industrial contacts for applications in therapy and virus nanotechnology. She is an EPSRC Established Career Fellow, a Royal Society Wolfson Fellow, and a Wellcome Trust Investigator, and in 2018 recipient of the Gold Medal of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications.

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