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Five Straight Years of Being #1 But we Didn't Get Here Alone

We’re proud to be named Canada’s #1 Research University in the Undergraduate category for the fifth consecutive year!

Lakehead University is deeply committed to community-engaged research approaches that tackle vital issues that really matter to people, communities, and the planet. Our researchers work with diverse institutions and governments, and together our discoveries and innovations contribute to more sustainable, prosperous and healthy communities.

For our students, this means exceptional learning experiences that allow them to take on real-world research challenges that have a long-lasting impact on society.

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We're creating leaders. Canada's #1 Research University Fourth Consecutive Year! (Undergraduate Category)

In 2018, Lakehead became the first university in Re$earch Infosource’s history to be ranked undergraduate Research University of the Year for the fourth year in a row.

Growing up in rural Northwestern Ontario, I saw the effects of trauma, geographic isolation, language and cultural differences, and socio-economic challenges on the lives of Indigenous people. I wanted to develop skills that I could use to contribute to efforts at improving mental health in the north. I completed my undergraduate degree and master’s degree in psychology at Lakehead University and eventually went on to earn my PhD in clinical psychology at Dalhousie University. I returned to Lakehead to pursue research and clinical work in Indigenous mental health, developing culturally-appropriate tools and programs in partnership with our communities, organizations, and people.

Lakehead University is the ideal university for my research and collaborations. Our partnerships with regional First Nations, healthcare organizations, and other educational and research institutions such as Northern Ontario School of Medicine allow us to collaborate broadly on projects of benefit to northerners. At the same time, we are able to provide great research opportunities for students – especially undergraduates. The lessons we are learning have the potential to be adapted to rural and Indigenous populations around the world.

Our research is leading to findings that help build healthy pathways for people in Northwestern Ontario and beyond!

Dr. Christopher Mushquash
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Mental Health and Addiction
Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

We're creating leaders. Canada's #1 Research University for 3 Consecutive Years!

Research with impact on workplace well-being.

I’m excited that my research on workplace accommodation for injured workers has led to a new study investigating the impact of accommodating workers with mental health issues. Now, we’re talking to supervisors and workers from 30 businesses across Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba. Their knowledge will be used to help workers with these disorders.

The stigma associated with mental health is a huge barrier that stops workers from revealing their needs to employers. This research will shed light on what is now provided in the workplace and what workers think would allow them to stay on the job. I believe that if employers know the issues, they will make the modifications needed to help people stay at work. That’s not just good for employee relations, it’s also good for business and overall workplace health.

Students play a key role in this research project. Lakehead integrates research into the curriculum to prepare students to be critical thinkers and life-long learners. As RE$EARCH Infosource’s 2017 Undergraduate Research University of the Year, Lakehead is providing new opportunities for our students, while developing insights that will help improve overall well-being in workplaces in Canada and around the world.

Dr. Vicki Kristman
Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences
CIHR New Investigator in Community-Based Primary Health Care

We're creating leaders. Canada's #1 Research University 2016 (undergraduate category) r

Lakehead is proud to be ranked RE$EARCH Infosource’s 2016 research university of the year for the second consecutive year (undergraduate category).

As a kid growing up in Kiev, Ukraine, I was constantly taking apart my toys and trying to put them back together. So it’s no surprise that by the time I started university, I knew that I didn’t want to do science just for science’s sake.

That’s why I decided to do my graduate studies at Lakehead University where I could work with Professor Alla Reznik’s medical imaging group. It was an opportunity to engage in hands-on science that benefits people.

Along with Professor Reznik, I took on the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s challenge to create better cancer detection devices.
For the last year, we’ve been developing a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner that can distinguish between benign and malignant breast lumps. Unlike traditional mammography, this new scanner has zero false positives.

The PET scanner is also portable which means that when it goes on the market, it can be transported on vans and airplanes to under-diagnosed populations throughout North America.

For me, Lakehead University means harnessing research to make life better everywhere, from the smallest northern community to the largest urban centre.

Sasha Bubon
PhD Student
Medical Imaging Innovator and Entrepreneur


Lakehead is Proud to be Ranked 2016 Research University of the Year for the Second Consecutive Year in the Category of Undergraduate Universities by RE$EARCH Infosource.

When I decided to pursue an HBSc in biology, I struggled with where to go. I looked at big schools, small schools, and even a few out-of-province schools, and then I came to Thunder Bay. My decision was made from the moment I set foot on campus.

Not because Maclean’s ranks Lakehead as one of the top ten undergraduate universities in the nation, but because I love the people who choose Lakehead. My professors know my name. They care about how I do in their class. From undergraduate through doctoral research, Lakehead offers all students the opportunity to work with brilliant, innovative researchers, who challenge convention while looking for solutions to real-world problems.

I hope to join the long tradition of innovators and leaders who have come from Lakehead. Dr. Andrew Dean, Lakehead’s VP of Research and Innovation, is already reaching out to provide me with the resources to make my start.

Ruth OrlocI-Goodison
First Year HBSc Student & President's Scholar

Lakehead Is Creating Leaders! Meet Colette Lepage – Manager, NASA’s High Bay Cleanroom

Lakehead is Proud to be Ranked 2016 Research University of the Year for the Second Consecutive Year in the Category of Undergraduate Universities by RE$EARCH Infosource.

Success is hard work. I wasn't a stellar student, but I got my diploma in chemical engineering technology in my hometown of Sudbury.

I knew a degree would open doors so I enrolled in Lakehead's post-diploma engineering degree program. And it wasn't easy. I am grateful that my professors were dedicated, compassionate, and went far beyond the call of duty. They taught me to give my very best. Seeing the exciting research at Lakehead sparked my desire to work in an innovative field when I graduated with my B. Eng in Chemical Engineering in 1999.

Today I manage the world's largest ISO 7 cleanroom at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Right now, we're working on the James Webb Space Telescope – the largest ever constructed. I'm proud to be part of an international collaboration that affirms how the power of close-knit teams working together can achieve great things.

Colette Lepage – Manager, NASA’s High Bay Cleanroom