Faculty Council Meeting - Friday, May 29, 2020 - REVISED Deadline for Agenda Items - Monday, May 25, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Friday, May 29, 2020 - 11:00am
To be held via Zoom - details to follow soon


Date:   May 25th, 2020
To:       Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Subject:     COUNCIL MEETING         

There will be a meeting of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council on:
FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020 VIA ZOOM at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Join Zoom Meeting https://lakeheadu.zoom.us/j/95815294706

 1.    Approval of Agenda.
 2.    Approval of the following Minutes:   April 24th, 2020.
 3.    Business Arising from the Minutes.
 4.    Dean’s Report.
 5.    Assistant Deans’ Report.
 6.    Calendar Changes.
 7.    Department/School Reports.
    i)  Indigenous Learning
    Recommendation:  Dr. Travis Hay as External Adjunct Professor - Department of Indigenous Learning. (Recommendation

    memo.) CV available upon request; please contact S. Viitala.
 8.    Other Business.
 9.    Next Faculty Council Meeting:  TBA (September 2020)
10.    Adjournment.  




Friday, April 24th, 2020

A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Friday, April 24th, 2020 at 10:00 am via Zoom.

Approval of Agenda
It was moved by J. Roth and seconded by S. Jobbitt that the agenda be approved.

Approval of Minutes
Approval of the minutes from March 13th, 2020.
        The minutes were reviewed and accepted.
Business Arising from the Minutes

P. Cain brought his Department’s concerns regarding the possible development of an elective list for law students at the fourth-year level, and the possibility of increasing the interdisciplinary character of its pre-law program.  A discussion followed.  It was decided that the Department would schedule a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Law to talk about how to move forward on this.

Dean’s Report
Friday, April 24th, 2020
1. please turn in grades
2. come to the virtual office hours, if you want to chat about anything: https://lakeheadu.zoom.us/j/96324533880 (please don't post the link)
3. I will be sending an email to chairs with a request concerning planning for fall and challenges concerning delivery online, should that be needed.

Assistant Deans’ Report

J. Roth:  Assistant Dean’s Report - Thunder Bay Campus

Will be reaching out to Chairs/Director re: enrolment and retention.  You can choose to meet one-on-one or as a department.  There is also a webpage available to faculty regarding retention.  The email to request a meeting will be sent out today.  It was also mentioned that G. Galvin from the library can help get your request for electronic reading placed on reserve and is willing to help out in any way he can.

L. Fiddick:  Assistant Dean’s Report from Orillia
No report at this time.

Calendar Changes
No calendar changes were submitted.

Departmental/School Reports

i)  English
It was moved by D. Ivison and seconded by L. Chambers that Dr. Linda Rodenburg be appointed as External Adjunct Professor for the Department of English.

Other Business
i)  Report from the Nomination Committee for the Election of Chair and Vice-Chair – Faculty Council
J. Roth, Chair of the Nomination Committee, announced that M. Stevenson was nominated for Chair of Faculty Council and S. Jobbitt for Vice-Chair of Faculty Council.  The committee received no other nominations and Council voted unanimously to approve the election of both.

ii)  Name Change for Native Access Program (NAP)
J. Orr and D. Baxter outlined the proposed name change of the Native Access Program to the Lakehead University Indigenous Transition Year Program.  This would bring the program in line with the current wording being used and would cover all backgrounds.  (Inuit, Metis and Indigenous peoples.)

It was moved by J. Roth and seconded by P. Cain that the name change be approved.

Next Faculty Council Meeting:  Friday, May 29, 2020; via Zoom.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:52 am.  


Thunder Bay Campus
R. Maundrell
S. Jobbitt
K. Holmes
D. Ivison
B. Birmingham
T. Puddephatt
J. Roth
M. Johnston
L. Chambers
A. Carastathis
T. Rollo
B. Vernier
I. Lemée
B. Parker
G. Colton
P. Cain
C. Sanders
E. Chugunov
Z .Wai
S. Islam

Orillia Campus
A. Saulnier
M. Stevenson
L. Fiddick
J. Jarman
D. West

L. Forbes
A. den Otter