Faculty Meeting

Monday, January 5, 2015 - 1:00pm
ATAC 5035 / OA 2005

Date:        January 5th, 2015
To:           Members, Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Subject:    COUNCIL MEETING    

There will be a meeting of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty Council on:
MONDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2015 FROM 1:00 PM TO 2:30 PM IN ATAC 5035 / OA 2005.

  1. Approval of Agenda.
  2. Approval of the Monday, December 15th, 2014 Minutes.
  3. Business Arising from the Minutes.
  4. Registrar’s Report.
  5. Budget Update (Dean's Report.)
  6. Departmental/School Reports.
    1. a) History - Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4628-A - New Combined Programs – History & French; 2014-SOC-4628-B – New Combined Programs – History & French.
      b) Recommendation for Dr. C.N. Hatton as External Adjunct Professor to the Department of History - Supporting memo.
    2. IS/Criminology – Calendar Change – 2014-SOC-4665 – Cross-listing of CRIM 3350 with PSYC 3350; 2015-SOC-4661- New Advanced Topics in CRIM course.
    3. IS/Media Studies - Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4622 – Course Title change for MDST 2310;  2014-SOC-4637 – Creation of MDST 2113 to be cross-listed with WOME 2114; 2014-SOC-4638 – Creation of MDST 3113 to be cross-listed with WOME 3133;  2014-SOC-4639 – Creation of MDST 3214 to be cross-listed with WOME 3214;  2014-SOC- 4642 – Cross-list MDST 4350 with WOME.
    4. Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism - Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4571 – Course Deletion OUTD 2750; 2014-SOC-4576 – New Renumbered Course OUTD 1310; 2014-SOC-4577 – Course Deletion 2810; 2014-SOC-4578 – Course Deletion OUTD 2910; 2014-SOC-4585 – Course Deletion (renumbered) OUTD 3511; 2014-SOC-4592 – Program-Major Modification HBOR; 2014-SOC-4598 – Program-Major Modification – 4 Year Non-Direct Entry BOR for HBOR;  2015-SOC-4676 - Title Change OUTD 1070.
    5. Political Science:  Calendar Changes - 2015-SOC-4668 - BA/HBA Political Science-Orillia Campus; 2015-SOC-4673 - Cross Calendar Political Science 2410 with Media Studies 2410.
    6. Sociology – Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4629 – SOCI 4517 Change Course Description and Prerequisite;  2014-SOC-4630 – Sociology Course Changes.
    7. Visual Arts – Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4616 – Discontinued course in Visual Arts.
    8. Women’s Studies – Calendar Changes:  2014-SOC-4614 – Reg-GR-Dept-Women’s Studies Core Supervisor Needed.
  7. Report from the Constitution Committee.
    1.   Draft of Social Sciences and Humanities constitution. (Draft copy of constitution.)
  8. Other Business
  9. Adjournment.


A meeting of the Faculty Council was held on Monday, December 15th, 2014 at 9:30 am in ATAC Board Room 3004/OA 2005.

  1. Approval of Agenda
    It was moved by J. Roth and seconded by R. Martin that the revised agenda be approved.

  2. Approval of the Minutes 
    It was moved by I. Lemée and seconded by D. Ivison that the minutes of November 14th, 2014 be approved.

  3. Business Arising from Minutes

  4. Registrar’s Report

  5. Dean's Report to Faculty Council – Monday, December 15th, 2014
    SAC Ad Hoc Committee Work
    Throughout the month of November, work continued to progress on the review of the use of the terms “major, minor and specializations”. The committee concluded its work last week, and a working document has now been prepared for review and submission to Senate for approval. The new terms will take effect in the fall of 2015.
    Strategic Planning Session: Friday, November 28, 2014
    On Friday, November 28, I was asked to participate in an all-day strategic planning session for the Lakehead University External Relations team. The purpose of the day was to start the planning process for the 2015/16 academic year focusing on budget, the development of strategies for the funding of faculty-based project, and the launch of the 50th Anniversary. I have been asked to encourage individual departments to be sure to include the significance of this year in all communication to our alumni and to encourage staff and faculty to participate in events as they are announced throughout the year. The official start of the anniversary year will be in January with the first annual October Homecoming at the heart of a new tradition being established at LU.

    Recruitment to Kenora and Dryden
    On December 3 and 4, I had the opportunity to travel with Rhonda Koster and Batia Stolar on a two-day recruitment trip to visit Beaver Brea and St. Thomas Aquinas in Kenora, and the Dryden HS. During our two days of travel, we gave presentations to grades 11 and 12 students on the topic of life at Lakehead in an attempt to encourage more applications to Lakehead University, and to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities in specific.

    PTR Exercise
    I was involved as a member of the 2014 PTR Committee with meetings that took place Tuesday through Thursday, December 9-11, 2014. It was a real pleasure to be a part of this process and to learn about all of the exceptional work that is being conducted at Lakehead University across the institution.

    Meetings have been scheduled with individual chairs to discuss departmental budgets as a part of an exercise to cut up to 5% from the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities operational budget. The second round of meetings will take place the first week of January at which time departmental chairs will have an accurate picture of FCE sessional budgets for the 2015/16 academic year.

    Orillia Visit
    I did not travel to Orillia on Tuesday November 18 and 19 as previously suggested in my November report, but did manage to work from the Orillia campus on December 1 and 2nd where I met with faculty and the Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

  6. Assistant Dean’s Report
    Assistant Dean’s Report – Dr. Batia Stolar 
    December 2014

    The month began with a recruitment trip to Kenora and Dryden. In Kenora, Dean Jobin-Bevans, Rhonda Koster, and I visited Beaver Brae High School, where we delivered “Lakehead Lessons” to three Grade 12 classes (Psychology, Outdoor Recreation, and English, respectively), and St. Thomas Aquinas High School, where we visited a Grade 11/12 class and spoke about our Faculty, Lakehead, and university life. On the way back to Thunder Bay we visited with the head Music teacher at Dryden High School.

    We will be working closely with the Office of Recruitment to see if we can track enrolment numbers from our recruitment efforts. While we do not yet know how successful our recruitment efforts were, our visits seemed to be welcomed, well received, and appreciated. Better coordination (clearer information of what is expected or wanted from us), timing (October or early November would be ideal), and more direct involvement with faculty members visiting these schools from the outset will make future visits more successful. The students appreciated our visit, and in particular the opportunity to experience a university lecture first hand.

    I continue working on recruitment materials, namely our Faculty’s brochure for international audiences, and individual units’ inserts to our domestic brochure. As some staff members are taking the early retirement package and their retirement has an impact on their offices, there have been some delays in getting these materials ready.

    For Research and Innovation Week, we are working with the Office of the VP Research, Economic Development, and Innovation to bring Dr. Antonia Maioni, President of the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities, to open R&I week, give a presentation over lunch, and meet with our Faculty in the afternoon to talk about her work with the Federation.

    The next event in our Speaker’s Series is scheduled for the second week in March. Details to follow.

    There are a couple of Thunder Bay initiatives I would like to draw your attention to:

    One is to feature graduates of our Faculty who have established successful businesses in town. The purpose is to showcase what diverse, meaningful, and exciting careers our graduates can achieve with a social sciences and humanities degree. More details to follow.

    A second initiative is to have a social holiday gathering for our international students. We are hosting an Open House in the Dean’s Boardroom on December 18. Everyone in town, or anyone who is coming to town from Orillia, is welcome to drop by from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.7.

  7. Departmental/School Reports

    It was moved by D. Ivison and seconded by R. Koster that all the calendar changes for English be approved.  (See list of approved courses on the agenda for December 15, 2014.)

    It was moved by M. Stevenson and I. Lemée that the calendar changes for History be approved.  (2014-SOC-4522 and 2014-SOC-4523).

    Indigenous Learning
    It was moved by D. McPherson and seconded by B. Stolar that the calendar change for Indigenous Learning be approved.  (2014-SOC-4574).

    It was moved by L. Fiddick and seconded by R. Martin that the calendar change for IS/Criminology be approved.  (2014-SOC-4612).

    IS/Media Studies
    It was moved by L. Fiddick and seconded by J. Roth that the calendar changes for IS/Media Studies be approved.  (See list of approved courses on agenda for December 15, 2015).

    It was moved by E. Tuchonov and seconded by I. Lemée that the calendar changes for Music be approved.  (2014-SOC-4535 and 2014-SOC 4536).

    Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism
    It was moved by R. Koster and seconded by I. Lemée that the calendar changes for Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism be approved.  (See list of approved courses on agenda for December 15, 2015).

    Political Science
    It was moved by S. Islam and seconded by T. Dufresne that the calendar changes for Political Science be approved.  (2014-SOC-4508; 2014-SOC-4509).

    Visual Arts
    It was moved by R. Martin and seconded by T. Dufresne that the calendar changes for Visual Arts be approved.  (2014-SOC-4550; 2014-SOC-4551; 2014-SOC-4552; 2014-SOC-4553; 2014-SOC-4554).

    Women’s Studies
    It was moved by J. Roth and seconded by I. Lemée that the calendar changes for Women’s Studies be approved.  (2014-SOC-4563 A; 2014-SOC- 4588; 2014-SOC-4589; 2014-SOC-4609).

  8. Report from the Constitution Committee

    1. Notice of Motion going forward.
      M. Beaulieu stated that a draft copy of the Constitution would be coming forward shortly.
  9. Other Business
    Vetting of OGS Funding Applications.
    A discussion was held to determine how the vetting of Ontario Graduate Studies applications should handled.


    It was moved by B. Vernier and J. Roth to create an ad hoc committee for the2014-2015 OGS applications.  The Committee will be comprised of graduate coordinators or designates from programs in the faculty.

  10. Adjournment 
    The meeting adjourned at 11:00 am moved by J. Roth and B. Vernier.


Thunder Bay Campus
  • T. Puddephatt
  • D. Ivison
  • D. McPherson
  • R. Koster
  • R. Martin
  • D. Jobin-Bevans
  • M. Beaulieu
  • B. Vernier
  • I. Lemée
  • B. Stolar
  • T. Dufresne
  • J. Roth
  • E. Chugunov
Orillia Campus
  • L. Fiddick
  • S. Islam


  • A. den Otter