2020-21 Religious Studies Courses

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Course descriptions are in the University Calendar, undergraduate courses; NOTE: official University Calendar courses are not offered in their totality annually as a rotation of courses follows the timetable for academic planning. 
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[This list is subject to curriculum changes, final instructor and budget approval.]


First Year Courses (full-year)

1100 YDE - Introduction to World Religions - Prof. A. Marie Taylor

Second Year Courses Fall 2020 / Winter 2021

2715 FDE - Special Topics South Asian Religions - Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikhism  - Dr. Brian Dunn
2715 WDE - Special Topics  Abrahamic Religions - Judaism,Christianity, Islam - Dr. Brian Dunn

Third Year Courses (full-year)

3705 YDE: Special Topics Religion in Film - Rev. Dr. Randy Boyd