University Community KAIROS Blanket Exercise

KAIROS Blanket Exercise at Lakehead University

Map of Indigenous Peoples in CanadaThe KAIROS Blanket Exercise is an experiential workshop that explores the nation-to-nation relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Blankets arranged on the floor represent land and participants are invited to step into the roles of First Nations, Inuit and later Métis peoples. The workshop helps people to understand how the colonization of this land impacts those who were here long before settlers arrived. It engages people’s minds and hearts in understanding why the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples is often broken and how we can take action together.

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The Office of Indigenous Initiatives at Lakehead University collaborates on learning Indigenous histories and sharing Indigenous knowledge through the KAIROS Blanket Exercise.

Ms. Jerri-Lynn Orr, Indigenous Curriculum Specialist and Ms. Anna Chief, Indigenous Outreach/Recruitment Coordinator are trained facilitators and facilitator trainers. They have been facilitating the KBE for 8 years. As part of the KBE Community, facilitators must complete KAIROS Blanket Exercise Facilitator Training (KBEFT). This training was developed to create a safe space for participants and facilitators

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