Call for Nominations: Indigenous Partnership Research Award 2024


Lakehead University annual Research and Innovation Week event will take place on the Thunder Bay campus from Saturday, February 24, 2024 to Thursday, February 29, 2024.

The Office of Indigenous Initiatives would like to celebrate the partnerships between Lakehead University researchers and Indigenous communities and organizations by offering an annual award for Indigenous Partnership Research. In the past, research has often been on Indigenous people(s), rather than with Indigenous people(s). Lakehead University believes that research partnerships that benefit both the researcher(s) and the Indigenous community are most likely to lead to more productive relationships with and improved conditions for Indigenous communities. 

The Lakehead University Indigenous Partnership Research Award will be jointly awarded to a Lakehead University researcher or research team and a representative from their Indigenous partner(s), be it an individual, community or organization. The award consists of a framed certificate and a $1000 cheque to the research team.

The award will be decided by a committee under the auspices of the Office of Indigenous Initiatives and the Ogimaawin Indigenous Education Council (OIEC). Members will include the Vice-Provost Indigenous Initiatives (or designate), the Vice-President Research and Innovation (or designate), an OIEC representative, an Indigenous student and an Indigenous faculty member.


  • A research project underway or completed in which a researcher or research team and an Indigenous person, community(ies) or organization(s), through a collaborative process, have demonstrated an improvement in the state of knowledge of the research community and improved conditions for Indigenous people.

  • If the nominee is an individual researcher they must be a Lakehead University faculty member; if the nominee is a research team, then at least one member of the team must be a Lakehead University faculty member who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the research project.

Nomination Procedure

The attached nomination form must be completed, accompanied by letters from: 1) the nominator stating why the research project has been nominated, highlighting the positive outcomes of the research partnership; 2) the researcher or a Lakehead representative of the research team who is a part of the project describing the outcomes of the research partnership; 3) from the Indigenous partner describing the benefits of the research project; and 4) at least one additional letter of reference from individuals or groups knowledgeable about the research project, explaining why they support the nomination. Self-nominations are welcomed (if self-nominating, 1 & 2 above can be combined).

Deadline & Award Dates

Nomination and supporting letters must be received no later than Friday, December 15, 2023. Announcement of the award will be made during Research and Innovation Week. The award winners will be invited to make a public presentation about the project during the Awards Reception on Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Selection Criteria

Consideration will be given to research projects, which demonstrate:

  • A key role for Indigenous individual/community/organization input into the research;

  • Mutually beneficial outcomes for researcher(s) and Indigenous partner(s);

  • A contribution to the education of Indigenous students; and

  • Unique dissemination of research results that take into account individual/community needs. For further information about the award itself, please contact: Ms. Denise Baxter, Vice-Provost, Indigenous Initiatives Tel: 807-343-8010 ext 7177 Email: Please submit nomination form, nomination  letters, and supporting letters to: Administrative & Programs Officer, Office of Indigenous Initiatives Tel: 807-807-343-8010 ext 7219 Email:

Click here to download the Indigenous Partnership Research Award Nomination Form (PDF)