OCGS Appraisal Brief Guidelines

Updated: October 2008

OCGS Appraisal Briefs must be submitted electronically to the Dean of Graduate Studies (cc'd to the Manager, Graduate Studies) for review and editorial changes by April 15th.

  • Please use the following templates. The templates include instructions highlighted in blue. Please ensure that all highlighted text is deleted in the final version of the Briefs
  • Please use Arial 11 font in preparing the Briefs
  • Please list only the pertinent years for those areas requiring the last seven years. Outdated publications, etc. will be deleted
  • Each Volume requires a title page (please use the one provided in the template) and a table of contents. The page numbering must be sequential from the first page to the last
  • When preparing Volume II: Curriculum Vitae, do not include headings or data if there is nothing to enter (do not include any heading with a "0")
  • Please contact the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Graduate Studies as they have programs for the preparation of Tables 8, 9, and 10
  • The templates were constructed largely to meet the needs of research master's and doctoral programs. Adjustments need to be made to describe specific programs more appropriately. Nevertheless, the basic information on faculty, resources, program and outcomes is common to all programs. The templates should be used in conjunction with the OCGS document, OCGS By-laws, and the Procedures Governing Appraisals


The templates were inspired from a document initially prepared by the School of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Ottawa.