Welcome message from the Faculty of Business Administration

Thank you for your interest in Business Graduate Programs offered by Faculty of Business Administration at Lakehead University. Our Graduate program intake is once a year and the deadline for applying to the program starting in the September/Fall term is February 1st. Late applications may be considered. Please contact Dr. Naqi Sayed, the Coordinator of Business Graduate Programs if you have any questions. You are encouraged to also visit the Faculty of Business Administration website for information about the Faculty of Business Administration.

Please pay particular attention to our admission requirements and note that Lakehead University will not assess admissibility of a student until a formal application for admission is received. Faculty of Business Administration accepts both GMAT and GRE. At this stage the GMAT/GRE requirement cannot be waived under any circumstance. There are a number of available GMAT/GRE preparation workbooks, websites and programs to help you achieve better scores. Make sure that official GMAT/GRE scores are available by and sent to Lakehead University in time. We would encourage you to apply if your qualifications reach our admission requirement.

Please ensure that your GMAT/GRE results are available before August 15th; if the results may not become available by this time, contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

If you are not a Canadian resident, you should also familiarize yourself with the study permit and temporary requirement and Canadian regulations for international students. Please pay attention to visa processing time where you have submitted your application. If your interest is in the part-time program, there have been cases where a part-time International student has been successful in obtaining a valid Study Permit. Our recommendation would be that you speak to the closest Canadian Embassy or Customs and Immigration Canada office in their current geographic location and inquire about obtaining a Study permit for the purpose of completing a graduate program on a part-time basis.

Applicants whose primary language is English should visit the Master's Regulations Website to determine English requirements.

Please note that admission is competitive and hence applicants are assessed on many criteria: the type of undergraduate degree; academic performances; GMAT scores; references; professional experience; professional qualifications and a personal statement. While each of these general criteria by itself is important, an applicant's entire profile is evaluated. Strength in one or more areas may compensate for weakness in another area. The program admission decisions are taken on a rolling basis until the time that the program is filled. Students have a better chance of being admitted into the program if they apply early.

Dr. Naqi Sayed