AODA Compliance Training

As you may recall, the Government of Ontario passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act in 2005. Its goal is to make Ontario accessible for persons with disabilities by 2025, by creating and enforcing accessibility standards.  All staff and faculty have already received training on the Customer Service Standard, which was the first accessibility standard to become law as a regulation.

Several accessibility standards are contained in one regulation - called the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation.  One of the requirements in this Regulation is that all organizations must provide training to employees, volunteers, and others on the requirements of the Regulation including training on the Ontario Human Rights Code as it relates to persons with disabilities.

Training for staff and faculty varies according to their respective duties. Below you will find a chart that indicates what training you will need to complete.

Please Note: Training is provided on-going whenever there are policy changes

ModuleRequirement forLink to Training ModuleCertificate

Ontario Human Rights Code

All employees and volunteers

Download Certificate I

Information & Communication Standard

All employees and volunteers

General Requirements

Deans, Chairs, Schedule II – Band 6 and up, Senior Administration

Download Certificate II

Employment Standard

Deans, Chairs, Schedule II – Band 6 and up, Senior Administration

Design of Public Spaces

Senior Staff in Physical Plant, Members of Accessibility Committee, and Senior Administration

Download Certificate III

The training is offered in a variety of formats - however, the online delivery is the easiest to access and to complete. It is the online link that is provided in the column above.

Alternate formats for training: If you prefer training in an alternate format (video, audio, text of training), please go to and click on the training module that you wish to complete in an alternate format. You'll be given a number of choices:

  • "Take it" (this is the link that is provided above in the chart)
  • "Watch it" - you can download the video for the training module
  • "Hear it" - you can download the audio for the training module
  • "Read it" - you can read a transcript of the training module
  • For the Ontario Human Rights Training - a printer-friendly version of the video text is available directly on the link provided.

The training must completed by each individual when it is convenient for them but no later than 2 weeks from the date of employment.

As an employee, once you have completed your training:

  • you are asked to fill out the Certificate of Training, and
  • provide a copy of the Training Certificate to your supervisor (Download the applicable Certificates of Training from the table above. The Certificate may be printed off and completed or completed electronically and forwarded to the supervisor.)

Supervisors are responsible:

  • to ensure that all their employees complete the required training, and
  • that copies of the completed training certificates for their employees are submitted to Human Resources (Ursula MacDonald) upon completion.