The training site has been recently updated to include conditional release of relevant training modules only.  All persons signing into the training site will need to complete a checklist regarding their position at the university to access training.  If you would like to watch a training video to see how to register for the training and complete the checklist, please follow this Link (must be signed into zoom with your Lakehead Account).


New Personnel Training consists of Four parts offered online:

1)  Online modules Orientation - Module ONE

2)  Online modules Health and Safety Awareness - Module TWO

3)  Online modules Accessibility - Module THREE

4)  Online Modules relevant to job specific hazards and tasks - Module FOUR - ELEVEN

All online training is available on our Distributed Learning site.  Please follow the directions below to enroll in the training course.

How to log into the Online Training Portal and enroll in H&S Training:

  1. Go to the Training Portal using the link below.
  2. Login with your Lakehead username and password.
  3. Select "Accessibility and Health and Safety Training" from your list of Courses.
  4. If you do not see "Accessibility and Health and Safety Training" listed Click the "Self Registration" link from the top menu (PC) or from the menu on the top left corner (three bars) for mobile.
  5. Select "Accessibility and Health and Safety Training" Link to enroll, click on the house icon to return to your dashboard and access the course.
  6. Follow the instructions within the course page to navigate and complete your training.

Click Here to Access the Online Training Portal