Dr. Kari Alenius

External Adjunct

Academic Qualifications: 

PhD History University of Oulu 1997

MA History University of Oulu 1991

Previous Teaching/Work: 

Dr. Kari Alenius is a Professor and Head of the History, Culture and Communications Research Unit at the University of Oulu, Finland. In 2019-20 he was Lakehead University's Chair in Finnish Studies. 

His profile at the University of Oulu can be found at https://www.oulu.fi/university/researcher/kari-alenius

Research Interests: 

Representations of the Self and the Other as a Factor in Cultural Encounters
Ethnic relations in Estonia, 1925-1940
The propaganda work of Estonian Self-Administration, 1941-1944
The rhetoric of the Great Powers in the UN Security Council

Select Publications:

Unselfishly for Peace and Justice – and against Evil. The Rhetoric of the Great Powers in the UN Security Council, 1946–1956. Studia Historica Septentrionalia 71 (PSHY, Rovaniemi, 2014). 248 p.

Compromise Solutions through Careful Consideration. The Development of the Legal Status of National Minorities in Germany, 1918–1919. Studia Historica Septentrionalia 62 (PSHY, Rovaniemi, 2011). 237 p.

Ajan ihanteiden ja historian rasitteiden ristipaineissa: Viron etniset suhteet vuosina 1918–1925. With an English Summary. Studia Historica Septentrionalia 41 (PSHY, Rovaniemi 2003), 412 p.

Viron, Latvian ja Liettuan historia (Atena Kustannus Oy, Jyväskylä, 2000), 303 p.

Ahkeruus, edistys, ylimielisyys. Virolaisten Suomi-kuva kansallisen heräämisen ajasta tsaarinvallan päättymiseen (n. 1850–1917). Studia Historica Septentrionalia 27 (PSHY, Rovaniemi, 1996), 259 p.

"The Russian Revolutions and the Question of Supreme Authority in Finland in 1917." In Democratic Processes in Eastern and Central Europe in 1917: Political, Military, Social and Cultural Aspects, edited by Juris Ciganovs (Latvijas Kara muzejs, Rīga, 2017), p. 59–68.

"The Estonian-Russian Border Negotiations: A Prelude to the Cyber-Attacks of 2007." Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security ECCWS 2017, edited by Mark Scanlon and Nhien-An Le-Khac (Reading, 2017), p. 17–23.

"The Reception of German War Propaganda in Estonia, 1941–1944." In The Baltic States and the Second World War, edited by James S. Corum, Olaf Mertelsmann, Kaarel Piirimäe. Tartu Historical Studies 4 (Frankfurt am Main, 2014), p. 249–272.

"A Typical Example of Mental Region-Building? The Balkan Area in Finnish Schoolbooks from the Late 19th Century to the Beginning of the 21st Century." The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies, Volume 5, Issue 2 (2014), p. 25–55.

"Victory in Exceptional War: The Estonian Main Narrative of the Cyber Attacks in 2007." In The Fog of Cyber Defence. Jari Rantapelkonen & Mirva Salminen (eds.). National Defence Academy, Department of Leadership and Military Pedagogy. Publication Series 2, Article Collection n:o 10 (Helsinki, 2013), p. 85–96.