For Pam Tallon, every second counts.

Already holding an MSc in microbiology, she is currently employed as the Research Lab Coordinator at NOSM (Northern Ontario School of Medicine) where her long list of responsibilities includes administration, protocol and policy development, equipment or technical assistance, and facilitating various lines of medical research.

On top of this, she runs the administration, finance and sales for a web and graphic design firm, continues to write blog articles for the Financial Post, and serves as the union steward for OPSEU Local 677.

Yet despite this already jam-packed schedule, Tallon is currently in the process of earning her MBA. At Lakehead, she's able to pursue this education part-time after standard office hours and incorporate graduate studies into her fast-paced lifestyle without relying on distance or computer-based classes.

As a part-time student, she especially appreciates the small class sizes, which have allowed her to readily interact with her peers and professors during her limited time at school - a definite advantage when it comes to group work and projects. She adds that the size of the university enables it to be flexible in the face of change. "Lakehead can adjust their curriculum to meet the demands of the changing business environment much more quickly than a large, entrenched business school."

As well, Tallon has enjoys the opportunities in Thunder Bay, especially the relaxed 'speed of life'. "Even with the busy schedule of an MBA, you have plenty of time and ability to go out, explore, enjoy nature, and socialize, often all in the same day"

Tallon hopes that her MBA will build upon her experience and education and that her current employers will benefit from her enhanced skill set. She explains that the degree may also serve as a 'hedge bet' if the economy turns sour and research funding is cut. "This education will allow me the ability to more easily adapt and realign into a new career or even pursue entrepreneurial avenues... I'm quite a fan of self-sufficiency."

Interviews and content kindly conducted and provided by Erin Collins