Business Administration Advanced Diploma to the Bachelor of Administration Degree Transfer Program

Program Information

The Bachelor of Administration program continues to serve those students interested in obtaining a broad-based business education with an emphasis on general administration and entrepreneurship. This program continues to provide a reasonable time frame for individuals employed full-time, seeking to complete a business degree on a part-time basis. Courses in this program are scheduled in the evenings, on a rotating basis, to permit students to take courses outside of regular work hours. For these reasons the program provides a vital service and linkage to the local business community.

The curriculum includes learning experiences in:

  • General knowledge and skill areas that include communication abilities, ethical understanding and reasoning abilities, analytic skills, use of information technology, understanding of multicultural; and diversity issues and reflective thinking skills.
  • Management-specific knowledge and skill areas that include ethical and legal responsibilities in organizations and society, financial theories, analysis, reporting and markets; creation of value through the integrated production and marketing of goods, services, and information; group and individual dynamics in organizations; statistical data analysis and management science as they support decision-making processes throughout an organization; information technologies as they influence the structure and processes of organizations and economies, and as they influence the roles and techniques of management; domestic and global economic environments of organizations.

How the Transfer Program Works

You enter into the final year of the three-year Bachelor of Administration program, and can complete your degree in as little as eight months. You are not required to complete makeup courses!

To see the courses that are part of the program, refer to our Academic Calendar and select:

  1. Programs & Faculties from the menu,
  2. Undergraduate Programs from the Faculty of Business Administration section, and
  3. One of the Bachelor of Administration College Transfer Program options. Select the option that matches your diploma program and campus of choice. 

Admission Requirements

To be consider for admission, you must:

  • Complete a three-year Business Administration Advanced Diploma from an accredited Canadian college in one of the areas below, and
  • Achieve an overall average of at least 70%, which is based on your courses that are related to the business field.  

Diploma Programs (i.e. majors) Accepted:

  • Accounting
  • General Business
  • Human Resources Management 
  • International Business
  • Marketing 

Other diploma programs will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis. 

Application Process

To apply, please:

  1. Use the OUAC Undergraduate Application. You may need to create an account first, if you have never applied using the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) before.
  2. Select the program Business (Pathways with All Ontario Colleges) (Thunder Bay & Orillia). The OUAC program code is AAU.
  3. As you proceed through the application process, use the Online Transcript Request, to have your transcript(s) sent to us, if applicable: 
    1. We require all of your post-secondary transcripts (i.e. from all colleges and universities attended).
    2. We do not require your high school transcript.
    3. Some colleges do not add in progress courses to their transcripts. If you are currently completing courses, you are encouraged to upload a screenshot of your upcoming winter term courses to your student portal or email You will receive your student portal login credentials in an acknowledgement email from us upon receipt of your application (which can take a few days after you apply using the OUAC). 

Who Can I Contact If I Need Assistance?

If you have questions about the transfer program, diploma recognition, and/or your application statuscontact Student Central.  

If you encounter issues with the application and/or requesting online transcripts, contact the OUAC

If you cannot access your student portal, contact Help Desk or contact Student Central.  


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Other Important Information

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