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Grades & Your Student Record

Access your records and guidance for effectively managing your academic performance, from tracking grades and understanding progress to seamlessly updating personal information as needed. Plus, easily request official transcripts to support your academic and professional pursuits, ensuring you stay informed and empowered every step of the way.

Understanding Your Grades

For each of your courses, you will be assigned a grade. The type of grade you may receive can vary. For some courses, you may receive a numeric grade, while in others you may receive a Pass/Fail or other type of grade. Normally, you can verify the type of grading scheme for each course by referring to your course syllabus. Throughout your course, your instructor may provide you with your in-progress grades. Checking on your progress is a good idea to ensure you continue to stay on track.

Upon completion of your course, you will be issued a final grade which will appear on your Academic Transcript.


A transcript is an official document of your academic record at Lakehead University and contains courses taken, grades achieved and credentials awarded including: degrees, diplomas, certificates, minors and specializations with the date they were awarded. Your Lakehead University transcript shows your complete academic history from your initial point of contact until the date it is printed. On the reverse of the official transcript, you will find a legend which explains credit weight, abbreviations and Lakehead University's grading system.

Only a hard copy transcript issued from Lakehead University is an official document of your academic record. Please note there is a fee of $15.00 for official transcripts.

Your Student Record

All students have a student record. Keeping your academic record up-to-date is important and is part of your responsibility as a student. We know that things can change throughout your time at Lakehead - perhaps you moved or need to change your name.  You may also need to make academic related updates such as declaring a minor or teachable.  Help us keep your student record accurate.