Course Syllabi

In your offer of admission, you will receive a list of transfer credits you are eligible to receive, as well as a list of course syllabi required to complete your transfer credit assessment. In some instances, you may be asked to provide all course syllabi from your previous post-secondary institution. Do not submit course descriptions (i.e. a brief outline of the course [normally a paragraph] that is missing the following information): 

The following information about your courses must be submitted at the time of application:

  • Detailed course descriptions
  • Course number and name (i.e. English 110.6)
  • Number of hours of lecture and lab
  • Number of credit units
  • Name of sending institution

Upload your course syllabi to your myInfo account using the document upload feature found under the Applicant tab

A screenshot of the upload my application link

If you are transferring to Lakehead University under the terms of a college transfer pathway, you do not need to submit course syllabi.