Official Transcripts

As an applicant, you are responsible for arranging official transcripts to be forwarded to Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions at Lakehead University.

  • Official high school transcripts are required for all current high school applicants.
  • Official transcripts for all post-secondary studies (college/university) must be submitted, even if completed part-time or several years ago.
  • Submit in-progress official transcripts showing your course enrolment and grades to date, followed by a final official transcript once all course work has been completed

Special procedures have been developed for obtaining transcripts from Ontario universities and colleges, from Quebec CEGEPs and from British Columbia (BC) secondary schools.

A transcript is official when all of the following apply...

  • it indicates all of the applicant's grades and no degree is expected
  • there are no courses in progress
  • the applicant has completed a program and "proof of degree" is indicated on the transcript
  • the transcript is on official paper and has the institution's seal
  • the transcript was sent directly from the institution or delivered by the applicant in a sealed envelope

Please Note: If a transcript is on official paper with the institution's seal but does not fulfill the above criteria, it is considered in-progress.

A transcript is unofficial when...

  • it is a photocopy
  • it has been faxed
  • it is not an original

How Do I Submit My Transcripts?

In-progress transcripts or unofficial copies must be uploaded using the Document Upload feature found in your myInfo account. 

final official hard copy transcripts can be mailed to:

Lakehead University 
Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions
955 Oliver Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Please do not use the document upload function for final official documents!

Foreign Transcripts

Applicants that have studied outside of Canada or the United States please refer here for additional information about the submission of foreign transcripts

Secondary School Transcripts

Applicants must contact their secondary school's guidance office to make the necessary arrangements for their secondary school grades to be sent directly to Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions at Lakehead University.

Grades for Secondary School Students in British Columbia
Applicants currently studying at a British Columbia high school will have their midterm (May) and final (July) grades submitted electronically to Lakehead University via the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). Students must authorize the Ministry of Education, Skills & Training in British Columbia to release their academic record to OUAC.

However, British Columbia secondary school applicants who wish to be considered for early admission should ensure that an official hardcopy transcript of their grades is sent directly to Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions at Lakehead University as soon as first semester grades are available. Students should request, in person, a transcript in a sealed envelope directly from their secondary school office. 

Quebec CEGEP Transcripts
For applicants who have attended or are currently attending a Quebec CEGEP have the option of having their grade information sent automatically from OUAC to Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions at Lakehead University. Applicants should indicate their Quebec Code permanent in the appropriate section of the application to allow the OUAC to collect and transfer their grades electronically. Applicants will not need to forward hardcopy transcripts from their CEGEP. 

Transcripts from Ontario Universities or Colleges
Applicants who are attending or have previously attended an Ontario university or college can request transcripts using the paper OUAC Transcript Request Form (for 105 applicants only) (TRF) or online by logging in to the "Review and Change Your Completed Application" system. By completing the TRF via the "Review and Change Your Completed Application" system or by sending the TRF to the OUAC, along with the applicable fees, applicants give the OUAC permission to electronically request and receive their grades from institutions they attended previously and transfer them to Enrolment Services - Undergraduate Admissions at Lakehead University.