Transferring to Lakehead from a College

Lakehead University offers you several ways to turn your college studies into a degree. If you are unsure about what option is the best for you, follow these steps to see what you are eligible for:

Step 1: Pathways

First, we encourage you to explore our college transfer pathways. These options allow you to turn your diploma into a degree in a reasonable amount of time. See if your diploma has a pathway to a degree. If it does not, do not worry! 

Step 2: Entry with Transfer Credit

In some cases, we may not have a pathway for your credential. That is okay! Lakehead offers college transfer students a generous amount of transfer credit. In some cases, students can receive up to two years of credit for their college studies. Learn more about gaining entry to most degree programs with transfer credit

Step 3: Let's Chat

If you are still unsure or would like more information on transferring from a college to Lakehead University, contact Student Central. A Student Central Professional will provide you with more tailored information. We recommend that you email Student Central. When doing so, please include the following:

  • Your name, 
  • The college you are attending/ have attended,
  • The program you are completing/ have completed, 
  • Your grades (a scanned copy of your transcript is ideal),
    • If you are currently in-progress, be sure to tell us what courses you are currently enroled in.
    • If you have a copy of your high school transcript, include it in your email. 
  • The Lakehead programs you are interested in (e.g. Biology), and 
  • What term you would like to begin (e.g. Fall 2020).