Transferring from a Bible College

General Admission Requirements

If you are transferring from an accredited Bible college, you may be eligible for admission if you have:

  • Completed at least one year of study at your Bible college,
  • Achieved a minimum overall average of 60%,
  • Completed the appropriate prerequisite courses at the high school or college level, and
  • Attended a college accredited by the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

This is under the assumption that you satisfy our high school student admission requirements as well. Learn more about our admission requirements for high school studentsIf you were not eligible for admission directly out of high school, a minimum of two years of full time studies must be completed at the Bible college.

In addition to the General Admission Requirements, please also review the Program Specific Pre-requisites to determine what particular courses you will require from your academic background.  

Program Specific Requirements

To determine your program-specific prerequisite requirements, choose from the drop-down menus below:

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How to Apply

To apply for full-time or part-time studies, please submit your application using the Ontario Universities' Application Centre's Undergraduate Application.

Required Documentation & Additional Requirements


You are required to submit official transcripts from all of your high schools and post-secondary institutions (colleges and universities) attended. Learn more about official transcripts and how to send them to Lakehead University

Course Syllabi: 

If you would like to be considered for transfer credit, you must submit official course syllabi. Learn more about course syllabi and how to submit them

English Language Proficiency Requirements:

You must meet Lakehead University's English language proficiency requirements. Learn more about these requirements and how to satisfy them, if applicable.

Media, Film & Communications or Music Additional Requirements:

If you are applying to our Media, Film & Communications or our Music programs, you will need to satisfy additional requirements. Learn more about the Media, Film & Communications portfolio requirement and the Music audition and theory test requirements

Transfer Credit

You be eligible for first and/or second year level transfer credit, if you have:

  • Completed academic courses, and 
    • No credit will be granted for courses related to church education or administration, pastoral studies, counselling, or courses intended to promote doctrinal or denominational belief.
  • Achieved a minimum grade of 70% in each course.

The assessment of transfer credit towards the first two years of an undergraduate degree at Lakehead University does not constitute recognition of a completed degree from an accredited bible college for purposes of admission to any post-baccalaureate degree program. The assignment of transfer credits to a specific degree program is at the discretion of the admitting authority of the faculty or academic department concerned.

Important Deadline Dates

Learn more about our application deadlines and other important dates.