Exposure Control - Keeping yourself safe

Reducing exposure to hazardous materials through safe-handling is an effective way to reduce injuries associated with hazardous materials.

Four methods are available to reduce worker exposure to hazards, listed in order of preference and effectiveness:

  1. Elimination / Substitution
  2. Engineered Controls
  3. Safe Work Procedures
  4. Personal Protective Equipment

Elimination / Substitution

Elimination or substitution of a hazardous chemical is the most effective way to reduce exposure to the chemical hazard. Whenever possible a hazardous chemical must be eliminated from use, or substituted with a less hazardous chemical.

Engineered Controls

The most important engineered control in the chemical laboratory is ventilation.

Fume Hood Guidelines - DRAFT

If you suspect that your fume hood is not working, contact Physical Plant at ext. 8273 or by email at work.orders@lakeheadu.ca

Safe Work Procedures

Together with the physical barriers we use to limit exposure to dangerous chemicals, safe work procedures must be employed.

Personal Protective Equipment