Training is an essential part of the Chemical Safety Program. Basic training is provided through the Office of Human Resources - Health and Safety, however, each area handling hazardous materials will have specific instructions. Area supervisors must provide workplace specific training to students, staff and volunteers. This training must be documented.  All personnel using hazardous materials must complete Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training annually (September 1 - August 31 annually). Area Supervisors are encouraged to formalize their training materials in an official document, including information related to hazards, personal protective equipment and safe-work procedures.

1)  New Personnel Orientation

This training forms a portion of New Personnel Orientation Training, and is required for all new laboratory personnel. This training places emphasis on the duties and rights of the workplace parties, as well as, introduces relevant Lakehead University policies and procedures. Emphasis is placed on health and safety practices for labs.


2)  H&S Awareness
Health & Safety Awareness training for employees and supervisors is required and is available on the mycourselink website. 


3)  General Lab Training
This training forms a portion of new personnel safety orientation and is currently offered on the mycourselink website.


WHMIS training is available year-round and can be accessed through the mycourselink website.


5)  Lab Specific
Training offered by the area Supervisor detailing hazards, procedures and protocols. Usually offered when an employee is new to an area or task. A checklist has been developed to assist Supervisors with this training, and also serve as a record of training. A supplementary area on the checklist must be completed to reflect the specialized training for specific topics discussed with the employee that are not covered by the checkboxes.  Checklist must be completed by the lab personnel and Supervisor.  Completed checklists must be uploaded to the employee's assignment box on the mycourselink site for Accessibility and Health & Safety Training.  A copy should be retained by the Supervisor.