WHMIS 2015 Program

In February 2015, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) was amended to include elements of the Global Harmonized System (GHS).  WHMIS 2015 is the term used to describe the amended regulations.  The transition from WHMIS 1988 to WHMIS 2015 has ended.  The University's chemicals must now be fully compliant with WHMIS 2015.  The University's WHMIS procedure can be found here.



It is the supervisor's ultimate responsibility to ensure that the WHMIS program is fully implemented in their area.  This includes:

  • Identifying products that fall under WHMIS
  • Maintaining an accurate online chemical inventory (ErPortal)
  • Ensuring that all hazardous products are correctly labelled (see below)
  • Ensuring that current SDSs are available to all personnel
  • Ensuring that personnel have completed their WHMIS training
  • Providing job specific training on the safe handling, storage and use of hazardous materials
  • Ensuring that personnel understand the information provided (is competent to work with hazardous materials)


Personnel have the responsibility to comply with the WHMIS program and use the training and information provided by the Supervisor.  This includes:

  • Completing WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015 training before working with hazardous materials
  • Following the safe work procedures established by the Supervisor
  • Using equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Reviewing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels before working with a new chemical
  • Immediately report items of concern to their supervisor

Resources that will assist you in compliance with WHMIS 2015


Proceed to the training page for instructions on completing training online.


Information on our inventory system can be found on this page.

Label Templates

Use the following tutorials to create and print WHMIS 2015 Compliant Avery labels:

How to create a WHMIS 2015 compliant Avery label

How to print a WHMIS 2015 compliant Avery label

Avery Chemical Label Product Page (Follow the link and use tutorials above to create your labels)

See below for example WHMIS 2015 compliant labels for some commonly used chemicals.  Review the information on the label and check that it is accurate using the SDS for the product before using.

WHMIS 2015 compliant Avery labels for some commonly used chemicals

Fact Sheets

WHMIS 2015 Pictograms

WHMIS 2015 Labels

WHMIS 2015 Safety Data Sheets (SDS)