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What is Curriculum Navigator? 

Curriculum Navigator is a web based system provided by Decision Academic, which has moved us away from the paper-based curriculum approval process to an electronic one. Proposals move through the software system from one approval stage to the next, as each stage completes their responsibility component. The final product is displayed in the Lakehead University Academic Calendar.

Why do we use Curriculum Navigator?

Curriculum Navigator is used to makes changes to our Academic Calendar in a systematic way. Since the Academic Calendar is an official University document there is a formal process for approving and implementing changes to it; that process, also known as the workflow, begins with an initiator. The initiator proposes a change, then the change follows a sequence of reviews and approvals, (e.g. for example the Dean, Faculty Council, Senate, and Senate Committees). In the past, changes were proposed using a paper document which proved difficult to manage and track. Curriculum Navigator provides a streamlined, organized, and efficient way of managing and archiving changes electronically.

What is the Academic Calendar?

The Academic Calendar is our guide to academics at Lakehead University. It is an official University document and comprehensive guide that contains information such as regulations, important dates, admission requirements, program requirements, and courses, specific to Lakehead.

How does this relate to the Course Timetable?

The Academic Calendar provides descriptions of all university courses existing at Lakehead University. Since not all courses are offered every year, students are advised to consult the Course Timetables for availability of offering. Course Timetables provide specific details such as course dates, times, locations, and instructor name(s). Just because a course exists in the Academic Calendar does not mean it will be offered that year.

How do I access Curriculum Navigator?

Every member of Lakehead University can access Curriculum Navigator. Using the credentials below, a member of the university may track and review any curriculum change in process.

Go to: 
Username (case sensitive): lakeheadmember
Password (case sensitive): password
Click on “Curriculum” at the top of the screen, and then click on “Search Requests”. If you have the request number you can enter the info, then hit search. Otherwise you may search for requests by keyword or faculty.
How do I initiate a curriculum change?
Each faculty has assigned initiators within their area. The number of initiators in each faculty varies. If you are unsure as to who the initiator is in your area, contact the Administrative Assistant to the Dean.
If you are developing a curriculum change for an initiator within your faculty, follow the instructions for “Preparation Templates”.
For training, contact the Manager of Curriculum Development, Delivery, and Convocation at or 807-343-8010 extension 7220. For additional assistance refer to the User Guide.

Calendar Change Deadlines
As per the University Enduring Resolution regarding calendar change deadlines, the following deadlines need to be adhered to:
1) Deadline for new programs and major modifications (including associated Regulations and Admissions requests):
  • Curriculum Navigator submission by initiator - July 1st
  • Dean and Faculty Council approval, and at the Senate Referral Stage in Curriculum Navigator - October 31st 
2) Deadline for all other calendar changes:
  • Dean and Faculty Council approval, and at the Senate Referral Stage in Curriculum Navigator - October 31st 
 Calendar Change Efficiencies
As per the University Enduring Resolution regarding calendar change efficiencies, some changes to the calendar can be done without Senate approval. If you are unsure if the change you want to make is a housekeeping change or a Senate approved change please contact the Manager of Curriculum Development, Delivery, and Convocation (